Afternoon break in a hectic day

October 7, 2014


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This little urban park was such a welcome break in my rather full and hectic day. Clover and I walked around and thru it and noticed that the city really did plant an amazing assortment of trees here. This is an old part of town and some of the trees have probably been here for for the better part of a 100 years, and it was lovely to stop the car, go for a walk and watch the squirrels and birds.

And then we got on with this long, but successful day, made even better by taking some time to stop for a while.

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  • Reply debrashewhoseeks October 8, 2014 at 9:36 am

    That is one wicked looking toadstool!

    • Reply Veronica October 9, 2014 at 6:23 pm

      I know! It looks like something out of a fairy tale, doesn’t it? I love the name Amanita Muscaria. 😀

  • Reply daryledelstein October 8, 2014 at 11:27 am

    how lovely to see your adorable tree hugger in action!

    • Reply Veronica October 9, 2014 at 6:22 pm

      She is an adorable tree hugger, isn’t she 😀

  • Reply Ida P. Krause October 8, 2014 at 2:00 pm

    Always nice to take a break and have some fun. Spending time in a swing is a good way to do that.

    • Reply Veronica October 9, 2014 at 6:21 pm

      It sure is Ida. I loved seeing the photo of your lovely Coleen on that swing. So much happiness. 😀

  • Reply Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow October 9, 2014 at 1:20 am

    that’s one pretty tree hugger! 🙂

    • Reply Veronica October 9, 2014 at 6:20 pm

      Aw, Chloe says, “thank you so much” 😀

  • Reply Jennifer J. Chow October 9, 2014 at 11:22 am

    Lovely! What a wonderful urban park. I remember visiting Seattle this past summer, and the parks there were so lush and spacious!

    • Reply Veronica October 9, 2014 at 6:20 pm

      I know you were in Seattle and I missed you because I was in England. Come back! 😀

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