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Charlecote park kitchens, laundry and brew house

Oh boy, I was in heaven in these Charlecote park rooms.

As a collector of all things vintage, my heart went all out to everything here and I just wanted to move in. As a matter of fact, I contemplated applying for the volunteer job the lady had in the kitchen, making scones for the children and petting the kitchen cat all day.

Except I’d end up painting in these rooms…lol…I just know it. Great big canvases stood up all along the walls. Might not go over too well with the National Trust.

Anyway, have a look and this incredibly photo-heavy post…but then you already know that’s the standard round here. 😀

What follows is the most beautiful vintage house porn you’ve seen in a while, and, if you’re like me and love old copper and black steel and ironstone, let’s move in here together.

You can do the scones and I can paint. ;D

230 copy copy

267 copy copy

241 copy copy

242 copy copy

263 copy copy

271 copy copy

254 copy copy

249 copy copy


276 copy copy


Laundry house:
385 copy copy

389 copy copy


390 copy copy

233 copy copy

236 copy copy

Brew house:
397 copy copy


407 copy copy


404 copy copy


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  • Patty/NS

    August 9, 2014

    Such a wonderful property! Lovely photos as always. I am a useless artist, but I can bake. : )

  • August 9, 2014

    I cant imagine how hard life must have been back then. Really no time to play like we do today. Wonderful photographs! I love all the stone and wood!

  • daryledelstein

    August 10, 2014

    it really is delightful to contemplate stepping back into the past .. pass me a scone would you

  • August 11, 2014

    I’ll paint, we’ll have to find someone else to make scones. I love the colours, textures, the sense of home, the era, but not all of the work! I like to play too much!

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