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Christmas round here…are you ready? Let’s do this!

Now let’s go.
First thing: drink lots of water, this is heavy work!
077 copy
Clean up the studio. You know you want to. And then maybe hang a little golden snowflake from your brushes so your precious tools feel the Christmas spirit.
060 copy
Been shopping at the castles and palaces? Me too! Better put the prezzies in a safe spot where they won’t be discovered by little elves.
026 copy
Now gather the troops.
The squirrels will help with the mantle.
040 copy
The bears can hang the stockings.
046 copy
And the mice can display the Christmas cards.
098 copy
All the hedgerow berries need are some little festive touches.
076 copy
And now! All attention on the tree.
IMG_0597 copy
Off you go now and make it all lovely and shiny.

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  • December 19, 2012

    Very lovely and shiny! Thank you for the Christmas smiles 🙂

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