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Easter weekend recap

Hi everyone, how was your Easter weekend?
Mine was lovely round here. Very quiet and calm, sunny and relaxing.

IMG_9729 copy copy

I took Sunday to myself and did a bit of catch-up on reading. You know what I do? I get magazines thinking, “This looks lovely, I’d love to read it.” and then never actually get round to reading it! Like this Kinfolk from last year! (still haven’t read that Bella Grace magazine I won some time ago) So I took the afternoon to sit down and read thru a few magazines and I really enjoyed it.

IMG_9732 copy copy

Blessed quiet round here too. The duplex next door has had a stop work order placed on it. I’m afraid this may have been partly my fault because I called the city to complain about my fences being knocked down…after I didn’t get anywhere with the builders…but also partly for the absolutely hazardous site they’ve managed to create with piles and piles of junk all over the site and up against the fences.

Morgan’s not complaining though; she hates the construction.

IMG_9734 copy copy

Speaking of this neighbourhood changing, and speaking of city noise, I went to see a country acreage for sale with the intention of figuring out if I might possibly move to the country. This two million dollar property would be a practical even trade for my Van city house and I completely fell in love with the old barn. I did love it all, except for the house. The house needs too much work. If it had been about $400K cheaper, it might have been a real consideration. Still, the possibility of me moving out of the city is stronger than ever.

059 copy copy

Spring is really and truly here now. All the flowers are coming. It’s such a joy. Day by day more and more growth in the garden. This sunny week ahead of us should really transform everything.

035 copy copy

While out in the country I took a walk on the beach where there was a TV show filming. The film crew put up these cool balloons and parked cars with California license plates everywhere. There also were newspaper boxes with “Manhattan Boardwalk” signs on them. No idea what that was all about. Oh, and a blue carpet to the beach. There was a long blue carpet and a stand with orchids. Probably a good $500 worth of cut orchids beautifully displayed.

070 copy copy

Then there was the beach. Very little comes close to the beauty of the beach. I love the ocean.

065 copy copy

And, while I was out in that neck of the Lower Mainland woods, (so to speak), I stopped in to visit The Stewart Farm This is a little heritage farmstead with the perfect house, the perfect view, the perfect sea-side location, the perfect barn and even the perfect apple orchard. Now if I could only move in here…or find similar within my price range.

072 copy copy

Walking around Stewart Farm I saw their neat and organised veggie beds. I better get out there into my own garden today and get to work on mine.

073 copy copy

Back home from my country outing and not much has changed…lol.

IMG_9736 copy copy

Hope you’ve had a lovely Easter. Let me know what you did so I can come visit you and have a look. 😀

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  • March 29, 2016

    I wish you well finding a lovely acreage nearby! Best of both worlds, I would think.

  • March 30, 2016

    we didnt celebrate, tho we visit upstairs with our friends, their son and grand daughter were in town and my friend’s sister and her dogs come by .. what fun that was … i mentioned wanting a dog and now of course she’s texting me pix of new rescues at the shelter she underwrites … if it were up to me .. but its not and 2 of our 3 cats are not dog lovers (or even people, aside from us, lovers) so …. BIG sigh … i cant even think about meeting the dog she sent me a photo of because i would surely fall in love … see … i am thinking about it .. drat

  • April 3, 2016

    Hey lovely … we had a lovely Easter. Seems like such a long time ago now already. Just love these images V . Spring sure is with you. And what about Morgan? Beautiful kitty enjoying the sunlight and the camera. 😀

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