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Finding the footsteps of the those who came before

I’ve made friends with the Timbisha Shoshone people who’ve called this amazing place home for centuries. One of their elders told me stories of underground cities, of giants, of animal spirits who show the way to water if they accept you as one with the land.
But before the Shoshone, there were ancients. Elders who came before them. The giants.

I had it in mind to trace the footsteps of the prehistoric people who called this amazing place home.

Now, there are a couple places in the valley which are publically advertised as areas of hyrogliphs, but I was interested in areas which are secret, hidden.
In all these cases I needed my 4 wheel drive to get me over flood beds and boulders, and then, when I drove as far as possible, I had to hike another two miles or so.
If you want to do this then remember you are on your own. I probably don’t have to tell you, but be smart. Leave word with someone where and when, take plenty of water, know how to use a compass, bring a small emergency pack and know your limits.

The trouble with finding areas like these is that sometimes idiots also find them, and these sacred areas end up defaced by the undying love of Kyla who hearts Zac.
Tragic and devastating. How can people be so stupid?
Unreparable, irreplaceable national treasure!

So the only way to actually see one of these places is to make friends, do research, puzzle out clues, map the trail yourself, and hope for the best.
Following these rules, I will show you what I found but will not tell you where, and will leave that to you to puzzle out.

All the hierogliphs I found are chizled into highly polished granite.
So I went to look for granite canyons.

In one case, the clue led me to an Indiana Jones boulder completely blocking the way, and there was some bouldering.

But mostly where were some small paths to follow.

And then, the treasure!
In this case there is graffiti here. Turn of the century, but graffiti none the less.
Most of the permanent marks were made by hitting a sharp object to make a dot, and to chisel the image into the granite. You can see someone defaced this site with a scratched X and a huge J B.

Here is one public hyroglyph. One of the repeating symbols is this “sun”.

Here are some more.

No one knows what they mean, or, often, what they are meant to be.

Some are possibly bighorn sheep, arrows, possibly human forms, snakes?
Or just the markings of time.

Many are on granite shot thru with beautiful quartz designs.
Maybe this was somehow sacred.

So go. I’ve spent three days already hiking and finding them and painting.
And if you do go, admire them, take only photographs, leave only footsteps.

And return to the floor of the valley.

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  • daryl

    May 22, 2019

    its always possible those marks were made by hikers who smoked peyote and thought they were inscribing something monumental …

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