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Happy New Year

Well, here we are in 2018.
Has 2017 gone in a blur for you?
It seems to have for me, but as R and I reflect on the past year on this January 1st morning, I realise that I’ve done so very much.
There have been adventures galore in 2017 and I hope that my adventures continue.
I think they will.

Here are a few images from our first day of 2018

It’s hard to get out of bed with a Theo thermal blanket.

Christmas 2017 polaroid memories.

White hyacinths and my beautiful candle a gift from my friend Julie this summer.

A mistle thrush gobbling up old apples.

A blackbird doing the same.

This photo is called “find the fox”. I tried for a clearer photo but he was just too far away in the fields. Still, I know he was there.

And so our first day of January came to a lovely, calm end with roast lamb and fruit crumble and happiness.

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  • January 2, 2018

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to you too…. does the fox come by every day? I have new fox footprints in the snow every morning, always along the same route past my house, but I haven’t actually seen the fox since last summer, but I know he’s there!

  • January 2, 2018

    I need that thermal blanket here, lol! Happy New Year!

  • January 3, 2018

    theo makes a lovely comforter!

  • January 12, 2018

    Happy New Year! I love the photo with Theo. And what a super idea taking those polaroids ..I’m so pleased you like the candle, it was such a lovely surprise seeing it. May 2018 be a special year, for you and Robbie! Hugs

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