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Some unusual and sexy finds from out and about in the city

These days are so very packed with things to do before Chloe leaves for Japan that we hardly have a moment, but the other day we found ourselves with a couple free hours on one of our favourite parts of town.

IMG_9344 copy copy

As usual, when we get here, we stop in at Cafe Calabria. This is the most excellent coffee shop and restaurant, and, also the longest family owned cafe in all of Vancouver. I love it here. I love the family. I feel like family when I’m here, and I’ve been coming here since I was a teen. Chloe, her whole life, and, although I don’t really drink coffee, I must say that the only coffee I’ve ever had in town was made right here and made by Frank.

While we were here we couldn’t resist a peek at Mintage just across the street.

IMG_9345 copy copy

Mintage is a vintage and antique clothing and lovely little accessories store.

IMG_9348 copy copy

I found this amazing lunch box! How wonderful would it be to take your lunch to work in this every day? Chloe found some red cut-off Daisy Duke shorts, but they were really ridiculously short up the leg, so she didn’t feel comfy in them and may not have been entirely appropriate for Japan. But they were very sexy.

IMG_9349 copy copy

And now we think we might want some antlers to hang the bras from! πŸ˜€ But really, wouldn’t that be cool in a bathroom… if you have the space and if you hand-wash your knickers. πŸ˜€

out and about1

We walked past this lovely tea invitation at a little place on the way, but we already stopped for our tea at Cafe Calabria, so decided on adventure now.

I was after The Wild Unknown tarot and one of the two places which stock it is out this way, so we stopped by at this little boutique: Vincent Park.

IMG_9353 copy copy

We’ve never been to this little boutique and we both loved it. It’s such a gorgeous mix of narrow, tall open space, vintage Canadiana and exquisite clothing. And look at those sexy mid-century chairs and that coffee table. I want that coffee table!

IMG_9355 copy copy

I also want that old pull-down map so I can paint on it! (Oh, and the flannel jammies)
(Oh, and the moccasins!)

IMG_9356 copy copy

Walked past another coffee shop with these beautiful benches out front. You can just see a pigeon looking for a handout under one of those sexy benches and so we threw him a generous piece of our coconut macaroon.

IMG_9357 copy copy

We had to leave this side of town and drive back closer to home for an appointment. I decided to have my hearing checked after the radiation treatment, and am happy to report that my hearing is unaffected and completely within all normal parameters.

Chloe said that she’s been wanting to visit a little store close by, but far enough out of the way that we just never get there. I said let’s go then. This is the Oracle Emporium. A wonderful little store of crystals and prayer flags, yoga clothing and general karmic energy.

IMG_9380 copy copy

And, while I loved looking around, I couldn’t help looking down! Look at this gorgeous floor!
It’s a plain cement floor, painted, stencilled, decoupaged, and varnished. Isn’t it the most fabulous thing in the world? I think I want to do that in my garage.


I think we will definitely be back. Look at this life-sized dragon! I’d love to have him swimming thru my house.

IMG_9385 copy copy

Also, there is the most gorgeous carved Ganesha and one of the happiest Buddhas I’ve seen there.

out and about2

And, for the Medusa, there amazing goggles. I sent them to Robbie to see if he liked them and he loved them to bits. Wouldn’t he look just right behind the wheel of Medusa wearing these? I think so. πŸ˜€

IMG_9395 copy copy

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  • March 9, 2016

    I love going on your adventures with you, even if it’s from thousands of miles away. It lifts me out of my little country town into a beautiful and exotic place. Thank you for sharing with all of us. OH…loved those floors!

  • March 9, 2016

    Did you find the tarot deck you wanted?

  • March 14, 2016

    so i need that red hat and some of those plaid PJs … please … thanks!

  • March 14, 2016

    Hey V .. I love these shopping adventures with you too! Makes my shopping seem so boring. Love the dragon and the coffee table – but what about those goggles? Bet Robert loves them! Perfect … πŸ˜€

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