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If it’s late June, it must be Jazz Fest.

The last few days of June mean Jazz Fest in Vancouver. Caught Daniel Hersog, (Vancouver trumpeter/composer) Trio, with Winston Minkler bass and Andrew Rasmussen keyboards, for a lovely lunch hour concert at Grandville Island.
Took a lot of photos but the 1000 word one is this one! Makeshift stage?…It must be Jazz Fest. Coffee at the ready?…It must be Vancouver…shoes off while playing bass?…Absolutely!

“The contrabass moves the air in the room. You feel it! If you take your shoes off playing the bass, man, you feel it in the floor. That vibration! So the sound of the contrabass is very important. That’s why electric bass doesn’t sound good in a swing group.”
– Percy Heath

Yeah, I get that!

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