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Jet Lag…Ug

I’m relieved now that my brain has calmed down a little and I’m no longer wandering the house at night. My cats are staring at me with gold owl eyes. They’ve had two months of peaceful nights and suddenly there’s their long forgotten pink-faced beloved wandering around on their time.

I am trying to look at it all philosophically — the existentialism of being awake at night and…

I’ve been staring at the letter B on the key board for the past ten minutes. It’s like an R except the straight part is curving. It’s not like the D because there’s no indent through the middle.

What was I talking about?

Oh, yeah, taking responsibility. So while I’m prepared to take responsibility for my own jet lag and wander from room to room, I’d just like to say for the record, I think that maybe Nietzsche didn’t have to fly back and forth over the Atlantic too much.  

*Note to self: buy floor length ivory gown. Effect is slightly spoiled in blue flannel jammies.

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