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Long day. Do you ever have the feeling that it’s so nice to be home?

Is it just me or does it seem like there’s nothing daylight savings about daylight savings time?

Where is the daylight then?

These Vancouver winters really hit me in my wet little heart right about mid-March with incessant rain and gloom and rain and make me long for Mexico or Spain or anywhere warm and dry for 24 hours together.

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Today I’ve been all over town, all day, in the rain. Finally got home exhausted, with two feet of frizzy hair and wet shoes and turned the heat on.

I stood at the kitchen sink and waited for the large pot to fill up with water and looked at the English ivy. I noticed some water under the sink. I guess I will need to contact Marines Plumbing to get some help. You can navigate here if you need contact info of this plumbing contractor as I call them every time something goes wrong with plumbing system.

002 copy

I swear it’s trying to take over the world. There must be something about the humidity or the warmth or the big kitchen window that this ivy just loves, or maybe it’s some spring fever ivy thing, because it’s growing like crazy, almost right before my eyes.

004 copy

There’s something about ivy in the house that I love, and it’s one of those “plants that will not die” which tend to be planted in the garden after they’ve outlived their interior usefulness or outgrown their pot. (Others just get composted, I know, I’m ruthless. It’s a make it or get composted kind of world.)

This ivy wants to grow into the sink. I suppose it has a good look at the surroundings and thinks, “hey, a big farm sink, loads of room to spread out there!” But it keeps getting its little tendrils singed.

017 copy

Tomorrow there is still a forecast for heavy rain, but tomorrow will be an easier day because I’ll be working from home. From my snug little studio.

Oh, and just realised there’s still half of the yummy Irish soda bread (with currents) left for breakfast. I’m starting to warm up already.

Hope your day was warmer and drier than mine, my little wet hearts. 🙂

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Comments: 10

  • March 13, 2013

    lovely and dry here v , but on the other hand , it is minus5 c .you just cant win!lrx

  • March 14, 2013

    you make me want to run out and buy an ivy for my kitchen window.

  • March 14, 2013

    The photos of the flowers and ivy are beautiful, but it was the mention of Irish Soda bread that really perked me up!

  • March 15, 2013

    Hi Veronica! Always glad to get home, only it’s a little weird right now. Oldest moved out and we gave him the kitchen table and the couch from the den, so the house feels strange also very quiet. Very glad for the two dogs right now 🙂 And I’m with Michelle-that soda bread looks awesome!!

  • March 15, 2013

    After daylight savings I’m always expecting a surge of energy, sun and warmer temperatures above thirty. So far, that hasn’t happened. We still have gray skies and remnants of snow on the ground and thirty six degrees! Argh!! Your post resonated with me because being home is a comfort to me on this dreary days. I’m grateful others like you feel the same way about the daylight savings after effects!! Great reflection, Veronica! Sue@betwixthomeand

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