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Lunch at the river on a sunny day

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Oh lucky us. What a fabulous weekend it’s been. After a solid week of rain, the sun was so welcome.
We headed down to the old fishing village of Steveston for a walk and some lunch. Our favourite seafood restaurant there had the patio open and we got to eat our lunch alfresco for the very first time this year. We lingered over lunch. It was surprisingly warm in the sunshine and we weren’t the only ones who thought so.

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  • Jo

    February 21, 2016

    A charming day for sure – the sun certainly does warm things up nicely.

  • February 21, 2016

    Great pictures. Such cute dogs!

  • February 22, 2016

    The first time in the year it is warm enough to sit out, well wrapped up, is so special.

  • February 22, 2016

    Oh how I wish I had been there with you V. The pictures are just beautiful. Made me sigh and ow and ah. Thank you so much .. loved it!

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