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Market Jellyfish

I remember we had a children’s book where the pages were cut into thirds and could be flipped to create absurd images. I’m not sure exactly where it is, and most likely at the cabin, but I remember the pictures; like swans with red brick chimney necks and cauliflower heads. Amazing concepts.

I was thinking about how much I would love to create some images like that. A whole catalogue of beautiful absurd images. A children’s book worth.

I’m thinking fish swimming through the Sahara and sailboats in fields, giraffes with totem pole heads and map butterflies.

So I’ve decided to try some double exposure, drawing and mixed media to see if I can make some sense of nonsense but as I thought of all the wonderful images I could create, the small gremlin of self doubt pulled the handbrake and my thoughts turned to, “Where am I going to get images of giraffes anyway?”

I’m surprised by how much it scares me, which almost certainly indicates that I should do it.

One children’s book worth.

32 pages.

How hard can it be?

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