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More ten mile project fun…Minster Lovell Hall

Just down from Burford, on the beautiful Windrush river, on the edge of Wychwood forest is this incredible 15th C relic.

I love it here.

It was a great, grand hall and the main residence of the Lovell family, (isn’t that a lovely name…Lovell). King Richard III was a family friend and stayed in the minster for visits.

The minster was a U shape, with a central great hall, enormous fireplaces, staircases, turrets and stone archways.

Here is R walking thru the main hall to show the scale.

This is the great hall. Can you just imagine tapestries, roaring fires, musicians, ladies in wimples, emboidered gowns and jewels. Actually, a beautiful jewel was found here and is on display at the Ashmolean in Oxford.

When it was investigated by archeologists, a skeleton was found in the basement!

The footprint is still here. So is the dovecote and the church.

Minster Lovell Hall…the best place to daydream.

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