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November at the cabin

If you leave Vancouver and follow the tracks north for 200 km, if you find your way thru the little village and some private land, if you double back on the railway road, you will come to a magical place of quiet contemplation.

Go sit on the bent cedar by the pond. Feel the wind move the tree.

Touch the bark. Alive, warm.

Hear the dragonflies swoop and buzz in the reeds, see the colours and reflections. Feel the season ending.

This is the time to write, to rest, to be quiet.

Out of reach of phones, radios, TVs and electricity. Those things can wait.

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  • August 26, 2012

    Oh this really is perfect. In all honesty if i had a cabin like this i would never go home. the wilderness and total quiet has always been my wish. I do not mind living rough or living alone. Though I would have to have Daisy and TonTon and maybe a cat in the sun. stunning.. and i completely agree with your copyright policy. i tell people to steal my stuff all the time.. i don’t mind and now I am going to whisk this image of your sitting area into my pinterest is so completely what I would love for myself.. c

  • January 22, 2013

    This is beautiful, Veronica! Both the words and the photos. Thanks for sharing it with the TALU!

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