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That’s the sound of me landing at Heathrow. * Hello, I’m here. ** You didn’t hear that, did you? Actually, it sounded more like a little “poof”. Because it snowed overnight. And the whole of Oxfordshire is reduced to incredible shapes and shadows. All of which I’m compelled

R and I walk on the beach in the midst of the madness, when everything seams chaotic, a little shaky, a little uncertain. The wind whips up more questions and the future seems hazy. R’s hand slips into mine and

I’m relieved now that my brain has calmed down a little and I’m no longer wandering the house at night. My cats are staring at me with gold owl eyes. They’ve had two months of peaceful nights and suddenly there’s

Parking in Oxford cost about £100/hour (allowing for the most marginal exaggeration), and even if you can afford the fees, the parking is usually limited to only two hours. I hate being under any kind of limit so I use