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Plum perfect

There was an old plum tree in the shade garden. It was overgrown with a huge bird’s nest of clematis and honeysuckle and over 3/4 of the tree had died and the living 1/4 was oozing gloopy, orange cytospora canker. R and I made the sad decision to remove the tree before bits started falling on the power lines, the roof, the fence or taking out the gutters…or worse yet…the neighbour’s gutters. That was a job! R climbed into the tree and sawed off each branch while I pulled it to the ground skillfully avoiding all lines, gutters, roofs and plants. Well, we did snap a couple rhodo branches, but we were lumberjacks supreme!
I planted some snowdrops from the old house in the shade garden and found a few forgotten plum twiglets. I put them in some water and three days later…

A last little treasure from the poor old plum tree.
Were sorry too plum tree, we would have loved having you here.

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