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In Prague and I made the best of a frustrating day.

Hi guys,

Yesterday I told you I had to come into town to take care of my Czech citizenship papers and take care of my family tomb, well, today I was going to make visits to all the offices I needed to visit for forms and signatures and then lawyers for translations.

Well, my first step to get this all going was to visit the high magistrate…which, this being the true Bohemia, is open only on Mondays from 12-5 or Wednesdays from 10-5.

It’s Thursday.


So it looks like I have to come back into town on Monday next week.

I did a bit of phoning, visited a few churches in the hood… did I tell you it’s 34.7 degrees here today with the heat bouncing off the stone streets?

Heat be dammed, I decided to take a tram downtown and pick up my opera tickets for tomorrow and Saturday.

I’m going to see Rusalka tomorrow and La Traviata Saturday.

So I got down to the opera house and the box office lady looked up my tixs and guess what?
They’re not there!!!
The company I ordered them from sends a courier to deliver them to you 15 minutes before the performance!
They will be standing in front of the opera house with a sign with my name on it.
Sold out performances!
Oy vey.

(above, this is the national opera house)

I walked to the middle of the bridge and took a small elevator to a little island in the middle of Vltava to have some freshness and coolness to be able to breathe my frustration away.

I walked around the island and stuck my hands into the river and spied a boat cruise on the other bank.

I booked an hour long cruise and ordered a big, cold glass of ice water.

Bohemia rhapsody…lol.
Just about started singing.

There’s Charles Bridge and one of the old bridge towers behind me.
It was actually amazing floating under the bridge.

There’s Prague castle and the beautiful, Gothic St Wenceslas cathedral in the middle.

I love Prague.
I’m so in love with my home town.
Even if it’s so hot my brain is melting.

One more look at the castle and back to the dock.

Well, that was nice.
We’re supposed to have a thunder storm tonight and hopefully Europe will cool down a bit.
To the cemetery tomorrow to visit my grandparents, and then off to the opera.

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  • June 22, 2017

    Wonderful images V .. your home town is amazing! What a summer you are having! Enjoy the opera Miss

  • Susan

    June 22, 2017

    Prague is a beautiful city on the river. Love the quirky process for getting opera tickets and the schedule the officials maintain for processing citizenship. Quirky makes me smile! Your boat tour on a very hot day must have been quite enjoyable. Very nice views from the water.. Happy travels. Exploring Bohemia through your blog and fantastic photographs is very much appreciated.

  • June 23, 2017

    How wonderful! I have done that boat tour on the Vlatava, it was gorgeous floating along under the bridge. And it was warm and sunny when I was there, not HOT! What a beautiful city Prague is.

  • June 26, 2017

    its never easy even if you’re an organized individual … glad you got to cool off a bit and enjoy the river ‘ride’

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