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That question when a tree falls in a forest…but what about when a tree falls in a spa?

Hi guys,
here I am in the middle of my stay at this glorious spa, and today I had several procedures and one was called the Mirror Pool.
Spoke to my Robbie this morning who asked what the Mirror Pool was, and I said I didn’t know. Possibly a pool where one gets naked and stands in front of mirrors and realise what they actually look like!!!!
Actually what it was was a long soak in a still, hot thermal pool.
It was really lovely.
There was little ol’ me and a pretty Parisian lady of Lebanese origin.
Parisian lady was not impressed that we were asked to disrobe and enter the thermal pool naked. Oooo-la-la, she said. The spa lady said, “we’re all girls here.” and dismissed her uncomfortable-ness.
I felt sorry for her and so channeled my best corporate wife persona and started a happy, friendly convo with her, and in a few minutes we were fast friend, fast naked friends, and soaking happily in the thermal pool. 🙂

Anyway, the whole point of my naked thermal soaking story is to say nothing happened today.
I had the soak, I had a massage and then I planned have a swim, take an evening walk, take some boring for you photos, tell you nothing much happened, show you my journal so far… you know, make some content for you…

…and then!!!

All hell broke loose.

Just as I finished having my massage and got ready to go for a swim, a large and ancient chestnut tree fell over at the pool.

Just crash!
Just like that.
Two second warning.

It crushed several metal pool chairs.

It shocked the hell out of everyone there and in the resort.

Thank the gods there was no one under the path of the fall or in the chairs at the time.
Just sheer stupid luck because there were people all over the pool area.
The whole resort sprung into action.
The pool area was closed “Due to technical difficulties”. No kidding!
The pool was immediately drained and a crew was immediately on site removing the bits of the tree.
I must say that for a shocking and potentially horrific situation, the staff at this spa were clear and level headed and got everyone and everything out of harm’s way in just a few minutes.

Here is what’s left of the fallen tree this evening.

Here is a close up of the root…or lack there of.

So that was it guys, no swimming this evening for your’s truly shark girl.

Instead I went for a long afternoon-evening walk along the river Vah.

Look at this guys, the first peacock butterfly I’ve seen this season.

This is all you get get to see of no make up, no Visene, no antihistamine me today!
The cotton wood aspens and in full cotton wood mode, the lindens are fragrant in the air and, combine that with mineral water and pool water earlier, various massage oils, and three showers before supper, and my eyes are red like a proper allergic person!

But that’s OK, I’ll sleep it off. In the meantime, look at this amazing European river.

I love these wide, slow rivers, the sparkling rivers of my childhood.

I don;t even mind not having a swim this evening as long as I can stay here till sunset.

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  • Susan

    June 13, 2017

    Baring the tree fall, the spa treatments and amenities sound great. Large, very old trees have a way of falling without notice. Very scary, as these tall trees come down with a thud. Your photos show a tree with lots of green leaves. Clearly the tree was not as healthy as it appeared. Thank goodness nobody was hurt. The river is graceful, the slow moving water flowing along is mesmerizing. How nice to be surrounded by the beauty of nature.

  • June 14, 2017

    Life at the spa can be surprisingly exciting! So lucky that nobody was in the path of the falling tree.

  • June 14, 2017

    Your skin is glowing! Must have been the mud bath. Glad no one was hurt by that falling tree.

  • June 19, 2017

    achooo .. i feel your pain .. and that poor tree, how sad its life giving shade homes to birds squirrels is over … i hope they use it for heating in the winter

  • June 22, 2017

    Love that photo of you .. you look so relaxed, and yes your skin is glowing. Such a shame about that tree thankfully no one was hurt .. Slow sparkling rivers of your childhood. Lovely 😀

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