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Resort life

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What lovely days we are having. Some of us still have to do some work while on holidays, but the work is minimal and there’s plenty of time for resort life. Here the time sort of runs together in a long, uninterrupted line of bliss and sunshine. There’s so much food that we hardly register a hunger for a meal, so much entertainment that hours pass by in increments of beach volleyball, arts and crafts, water aerobics, walks, swims, shopping, and suddenly it’s evening.

I know that to a lot of you, birds like brown pelicans and egrets and frigatebirds and Brewer’s blackbirds are common, but to me they’re exotic and spectacular to the max and I can’t get enough of them. (If only you knew how many photos I’ve taken but spared you from.)

And the lovely people around us. Sunny, smiling faces. We’re loving every minute. πŸ˜€

Comments: 9

  • March 20, 2015

    Oh my, I need ME some “resort life”! Enjoy!!

  • March 20, 2015

    The birds are exotic to me too! What a lovely time you are having! So fortunate! I am enjoying your trip too!

  • March 21, 2015

    This makes me think that I need a holiday too!

  • March 21, 2015

    Your photos are just amazing!

  • daryledelstein

    March 24, 2015

    and i too have been enjoying resort time .. via you and C … thanks!

  • March 30, 2015

    Your vacation sounds lovely and I too love the birds…we don’t get these up north and they are so exotic and beautiful.

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