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Sunday rest? Oh…you know the drill :)The turbo mini and the Caterham 7 at the Blenheim Palace classic car show.

This is something I look forward to ever year.
Usually I take my beautiful rebuilt Austin 7 mini to this show but this summer my mini is off its MOT and so the turbo mini got a chance to go out again.
Blenheim palace, which is actually within my ten mile project, has huge green lawns, perfect for a car show.
Parked up the turbo mini next to Jason’s Caterham 7 and another Caterham 7…

and had a wander around.
Look at this beautiful MG Police car. Doesn’t it look like something out of Wind in the Willows? Can’t you just see it chasing Mr Toad?

Wow! Just Wow! Look at those rear lights. Can you imagine trying to park up a land barge like this one in a parking stall?

What is this? An Alvis? Apparently it was a private British company from 1919. Never heard of it…also never heard of Facel; a French type of car.

Now this…this I have heard of. Love Cobras. And the Ferrari isn’t too bad either 😉

This is just such a sexy piece of kit, isn’t it? I love Etype jags. In my next life I’ll get one.

Walked back to the cars and there was a third Caterham 7 parked up…boy, they sure multiply, don’t they?

Suddenly there was a lot of interest in the cars…and no wonder, such pretty cars.

All good.

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  • Frank Gasch

    August 27, 2012

    Mighty nice!!!

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