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Yesterday I was speechless. For the most part I stayed off of social media figuring that something like this cannot be categorised by hashtags or profile updates. The horror, the helplessness, and indignation are still burning in my heart.

The hardest lesson for me is accepting that sometimes there are things beyond my control. Sometimes there is no fix and nothing to do but wait it out. Allowing feelings to bury me deep underground for a couple of

Yesterday afternoon I went to a memorial service for a family friend and, as usual, I’m re-examining my life. His name was Dragan and he was a doctor, like my parents, and we have known him and his family since

Do you guys do this? Do you sometimes wish for things that aren't instead of feeling grateful for things that are? Yeah, I'm all over that these days. Simple things; like not revelling in these warm, late summer days and wishing for cooler