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Guess what I found in the park? Pollarded willow shoots! What? Leave them there? Last October in Oxfordshire, R and I watched several episodes of a show called Kirstie’s Handmade Britain, where Kirstie Allsopp learned various crafts and entered crafting competitions. One

This St. Paddy's day weekend we: hung sparkly decorations from the chandelier, opened the curtains to let in the sun, ate sun-warmed tomatoes, wore Mardi Gras beads just cause and enjoyed every possible moment. How about you?

It's probably the cold, miserable, rainy in-between days, not quite winter, not yet spring, that makes me want to retreat to the quiet of my office/studio instead of braving the outdoors. Today, my friend Sandra from Raincoast Cottage asked, "Were

There was an old plum tree in the shade garden. It was overgrown with a huge bird's nest of clematis and honeysuckle and over 3/4 of the tree had died and the living 1/4 was oozing gloopy, orange cytospora canker.