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"There is stillness, the stones hold us. Still." (Druid saying recorded by Romans) In the next door village of Stanton Harcourt is a stone henge. The village is named for it: from Stan (farm) + tun (beside the rocks). It's a little

The world is very liminal today. It's a grey day here where things can go either way. The river is very still. Robert and I wonder if the river is still because of a storm downstream. Too much water downstream.

I can't believe how fast the month of July has trickled thru my fingers! Where did it go? I also can't believe that a whole month has past here at West Cottage. Sometimes I wish I could make the time stand

It's been a funny kind of a day today, and I suppose there's something about the moon or this heat or something, because I woke up feeling super down. R and I were listening to the Sound of the 60s