Test drive to lunch at the palace next door.

August 28, 2017

It’s a long weekend here in the UK and a festival of speed at Blenheim, our palace next door.
We thought it would be loads of fun to drive our his and her’s TVRs to the festival.
But we decided to make a test run to the palace first because Robert has made some modifications to my TVR engine and wanted to test it out, and also, our season’s passes have run out and we didn;t want to be stuck in line waiting to renew them on Sunday.

So we hopped in my TVR and Robert drove it out to Blenheim listening to the engine.

We drove thru winding little streets and sleepy little Cotswold villages. It’s a beautiful drive.

And arrived at Blenheim just in time for lunch and just a few minutes before a rain shower.
So we plonked the roof panels back on, which is when I had a brainwave which reminded me that the roof of our own house was in need of a roof service. We then locked the car, sprinted to the palace and had some lunch. Locksmith Walnut Creek installs best spares and locks to ensure the safety of your vehicle is not compromised.

We stayed inside the palace until the rain shower passed and then went for a walk in the grounds.

Here are the upper terrace water gardens.

And the lower terrace water gardens.

Here’s one wing of Blenheim Palace from the bottom of the water gardens.

I wanted to see the roses and so we walked out thru the Capability Brown landscape to the rose garden.

Autumn is definitely on the way.

But the wildflowers are still doing well. It’s been a damp summer.

The roses are fantastic.
Here at the rose garden, there are only about six varieties growing but in large masses, so the effect is stunning.

From the rose garden, we walked back to the palace and went inside.
I love the eyes above the entrance and often forget to look up to see them. This time I walked back outside because I remembered too late.

Actually, looking up in Blenheim is a great idea. Many of the rooms have beautiful painted ceilings.

So we had our ususal walk thru of the house…

And ended up in the great library.

I really love this library. Wish I had permission to pull out and look at all the books.

Then a quick stop in the gift shop.
I resisted all the temptations. (How good am I?)

A last little look around…

And I drove the TVR home.
Love the new engine modifications.
Thank you so much Robbie.
Blenheim Festival of Speed is up next.

The beauty and the beast at Blenheim
Lately round here. Birch and Tili Box cosmetics, lunch, life in the village, and art. A bit of random.

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  • Reply Catherine Llewellyn August 28, 2017 at 7:28 am

    That very fine chain with the blue stone on your wrist is so delicate and enchanting. Lovely post as usual – I felt like I was there with you both. Love to you 🙂 X

  • Reply Susan August 28, 2017 at 3:09 pm

    A scenic test drive, to a perfect castle location, and lunch as well sounds delightful. You look very happy and carefree behind the wheel with a breeze flowing through your hair. I love those ‘eye’ art pieces shown above the door in a grouping. I might try to replicate something similar. They seem mysterious and exotic at the same time. Somehow I was very drawn in by them. Also, congratulations to R for doing great engine modifications to the car. He is a engine wizard, superstar! All the best, Susan

  • Reply Daryl August 29, 2017 at 5:28 am

    lovely … i love sharing your time in UK … makes me think that it should be my next trip

  • Reply Julie August 29, 2017 at 11:26 pm

    What a fabulous post V! I just love all the photos. His and her vehicles ..how wonderful! Love the shot of Robbie bouncing into frame, and that shot of the two of you. Just imagine if you got your hands on those books in the library .. oh imagine 😉 Hugs

  • Reply Sarav August 31, 2017 at 4:06 am

    Beautiful photos, however my favorite is your lovely smile on the drive back. The epitome of one happy woman 🙂

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