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The renewal of the spirit is a necessary thing.

Renewal…at play. Chasing the sun for the WordPress Photo Challenge and Photo Friday.

It’s that special time, here in the park, when the afternoon is about to give way to evening and the rocks are currently lit up with the most innocent and cheeky pink blush.

I feel complete with a composed spirit and fully aware of the freedom of my time (it might fly fast on strong wings but I tell it where to go).

I can’t help but compare how I’m feeling today to a happy pup, free to jump from rock to rock with absolute joy.

The evening sunshine shows the way thru the forest.

I follow the sun to the top of the park.

As far as I can see, the world is flooded with warm gold and pink hues and the breeze is gently shaking the last of the leaves from the trees.

Life isn’t always a bowl of freshly picked acorns. Sometimes my head hurts and from time to time, I suffer from heartaches but I soldier on!
I’m content to be a lion heart in a lamb suit.

I turn my face toward the sun and let it warm my little sunflower heart.

It’s such a beautiful world here this evening. I thought this very thing to myself.

It’s such a beautiful world.

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