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A reward for cleaning up the studio

Oh my gosh the studio does get out of hand.
The reason is that, when I start creating something, I reach for what I need, put it aside and reach for the next thing and so on, until there are brushes and inks and paints and pencils and papers everywhere. Then I just have to take a day and put everything where it belongs.

So after the place looked a little more respectable, and after I dragged the vacuum up two flights of stairs and carried it back down again, I decided to have some fun with my stamps.

IMG_7964 copy copy

I took some out and lay them on the board I do collage work on.

IMG_7956 copy copy

Then I stamped some on this big block of paper on my art desk. (I really need a new black ink pad!) Then I sketched and scribbled around them and I thought, hmm, wonder if I could layer them into a scene.

IMG_7957 copy copy

You know what I noticed? I carve the stamps with my animals facing to the left!

IMG_7958 copy copy

So I carved some simple stamps of twigs and leaves, and took out a little ink and a roller, and began composing little vignettes.

IMG_7961 copy copy

I had a lot of fun for about an hour or so, or until Miss Morgan decided it was supper time.

IMG_7952 copy copy

But first I took out a piece of black paper and some white ink, stamped myself a final little vignette, and went down to the kitchen to wash out the stamps, roller, and ink tray, and to feed those darn cats. 😀

IMG_7965 copy copy

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  • November 25, 2015

    I’d love to play with you in your studio someday…! I’d help with clean-up duty, I promise!

  • November 25, 2015

    Nice reward! I love the one with the owl.

  • Jo

    November 25, 2015

    Great reward – makes one want to clean up things – and then get them all out again.

  • November 27, 2015
  • November 27, 2015

    Oh Morgan you are gorgeous .. Another wonderful post, thank you 😀

  • daryledelstein

    December 1, 2015

    what fun …. your creativity knows no bounds and i for one think thats fabulous .. i learn so much when i visit …

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