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This time a palace! And a war memorial.

Hi everyone,
look what I found!
Continuing on my way touring thru Bohemia, I’m almost on the Slovak border.
This is because tomorrow and the next four days I’m planning to spend at Piestany Spa.
But before I cross into Slovakia, I visited Lednice Castle; a sort of mini palace/grand estate/mansion, home to the very rich Lichtenstein family.

I loved the Gothic architecture and the gargoyles.
Some look like strange dragon creatures and others look like animals.

There is a lovely and large park to walk thru and a conservatory built right next to the house which I absolutely had to check out.

On the patio beside the conservatory were these strange little glass roofs and I guessed it used to the the windows for the filtered light for a fernery.

I was right!!!

Now being repaired, I hope it will one day be a grand space with hunderds of ferns.

Then into the greenhouse.
It’s beautifully lush and tropical.

And, oh the flowers were so bountiful! How come I can’t get my houseplants to bloom like this?

Made a new friend too!

I bought a ticket for a tour at noon, and so into the castle I went.

The first thing which struck me was the beautiful light coming thru every window.
The whole castle seems to be more glass than walls.
The second thing were the gorgeous brass chandeliers. Everywhere!
I have one in my dining room, but it’s about 1/10 the size of some of these.

The castle has a trophy unicorn head on display.
There you go. Proof. Sorry, no rainbows.

I fell in love with a room which was papered in a beautiful hand painted wallpaper. Here is a little fragment but I took about 50K photos so I would remember it all.

Then the tour went into the grand rooms and each were a beautiful jewel colour. Robbie is going to love this.
Here is a turquoise dining room.

And see that door in the middle of the photo?

That leads to a library.

Now look at this amazing thing guys: the stairs, which go up 40 ft, and carved from one piece of oak. No nails, no glue, no joints.

Out of the dining room and into a red reception room.

And see the doors int he middle of this picture? They lead to the greenhouse! How amazing is that?

Then from the red reception room to a blue music room with Murano glass chandeliers.

Well, there you go one more beautiful landmark down and off I went x country close to the Slovak border.

I drove over hill and thru dale and came upon a war memorial on top of a hill.

It was so beautiful here in the warm Czech meadows tat it seems almost impossible anything could have ever been wrong here,

But there was.
This memorial is the Cairn of Peace.
A dedication to the battle of Austerlitz. a bloody battle between three forces. Those of Napoleon, Czar Alexander, and Emperor Franz I.

Poppies were blooming at one of the walls.

I left that place a little somber and headed east and finally, at about 5pm came to the charming little town Uherske Hradiste.

Yeah I know, let’s just call it UH.
So here I am for the night in a charming old world hotel room, and here is my view out into the world.

I went for a walk thru the little streets this evening and watched the people enjoying the sun.

Off to Slovakia tomorrow where more adventure, long lost relatives, the continuing journey with my aunt’s ashes, and a little pampering and much needed detox, await.

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  • June 10, 2017

    What gorgeous woodwork in that palace!

  • Susan

    June 10, 2017

    Love all the deep jewel tone colors on the palace walls. The oak spiral stair is spectacular and surely one-of-a-kind by highly skilled artisans.. The meadows are beautiful and overflowing with wild flowers, unlike anything I normally see. Those pink roses are very lovely as are the poppies. The climate must be perfect to produce such landscapes. The greenhouse plants are really robust. Must be perfect care, light and humidity. My solarium should be so nice… maybe only in my dreams.

  • June 11, 2017

    I’m following your journey with bated breath, wondering what delights you will show us next. What a spectacular spiral staircase! And the poppies at the Peace memorial are so meaningful.

  • June 12, 2017

    i am so enjoying all the history and the gardens …

  • Karen

    June 14, 2017

    Wow! It’s just amazing! All of it!

  • June 22, 2017

    Oh my another magnificent place! The architecture is stunning. And that blue room .. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • January 8, 2018

    Wow, this place it looks stunning!

    It’s really like if you are tavelling into a different time and space. Just look how beautiful everything is done, the woodwork, the windows are made so smart that it gives you the impression that you are sorounded by glass … not concrete and stone walls ๐Ÿ™‚

    Very beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing!

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