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Village open garden tour which turned into a visit

My friend Elaine called Sunday morning to say come to the village open garden tour from 2-4 pm.
We said we would love to.
Well, I was dying to visit and catch up with Elaine and William, and so the village garden tour turned into a visit one garden and stay put tour. (Besides, Elaine made tea and some wonderful cakes). πŸ˜€

IMG_8444 copy

Elaine and William’s garden is a wonderful British mix of jumbled beds of flowers…

IMG_8443 copy

…and beautiful cultivated organisation…


…all backing onto a field, walking distance to the Thames.

IMG_8488 copy

There’s plenty of whimsy in the garden, (like this flute playing frog and tons of bells tied to the branches of a tree), and Elaine had some lovely pots of plants and home grown fruit for sale.

garden4IMG_8482 copyIMG_8474 copygarden3

One of the visitors described the garden as a little fantasy garden for children to play and I can see why. There’s a lovely open grassy area for turning cartwheels and somersaults, hidey areas behind trees and under arches and little paths thru little woods and shady, ferny places.


IMG_8440 copy

IMG_8445 copy

And there’s a pond with reeds, waterlilies and beautiful little goldfish.

IMG_8452 copy

I asked Elaine for a little piece of this spectacular Gyppsophilia for my garden. I’d love to grow it in memory of Theo.

IMG_8442 copy

So we wandered around the garden having our tea and cake, chatted with new friends and connected with old.


And had the most wonderful afternoon. πŸ˜€

IMG_8509 copy

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  • July 7, 2014

    I have a friend here that has a sort of Engiish garden in her backyard and it’s the most relaxing and wonderful place to be that I can think of. The world can never have too many gardens… xox

  • daryledelstein

    July 7, 2014

    charming and i know theo would love to have a plant like that in his memory ..

  • July 7, 2014

    What a garden to have tea in! I’d never want to leave.
    I’ve never seen clematis flowers that red colour in you photos. Mine are blue/purple.
    Have a great week. I’ve added your name to the Drawing Challenge list. See you on the weekend.

  • July 8, 2014

    Wow, that is a lovely garden!! Especially love that little path, quite magical πŸ™‚

  • July 8, 2014

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing this garden with us!

  • July 9, 2014

    What an enchanting garden, and your photos are wonderful! Looks like we both had gardens on our minds at the same time. Thanks for sharing this – I want a garden just like it!

  • July 10, 2014

    Beautiful! I love (and have fond memories of) wandering friends’ gardens that look like they’ve been planted by fairies.

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