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Visiting the Bloedel Conservatory

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Some days, when one is in a mad rush, it’s important to say, “Stuff this for a game of soldiers” to oneself and stop for more than two minutes together.

Chloe and I did just this the other day.

We stopped across town in my mother’s corner of Vancouver, to visit one of my most favourite places, The Bloedel Conservatory. A few years ago in danger of being phased out and dismantled… CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?…Vancouverites railed up in such huge numbers that this beautiful, tropical garden, with waterfalls and pools of rainbow fish, rescued airport smuggled lizards and geckos, over 200 free-flying birds, and over 500 species of tropical plant life, was saved.

I love greenhouses and, in many ways, being a gardener here would absolutely be my dream job, (if it wasn’t for the tourists…lol) But really, we don’t come here often enough. Each time we do stop by, we walk thru it from beginning to end, and then reverse from end to beginning and start over again, before we find a lovely bench to sit at, usually at a bird feeding station, and hang out for a few minutes. Only then, very reluctantly, we walk out the door, and only because we probably should not have stopped here in the first place. But for our sanity, it was the best decision of the week. 😀

PS. First photo is across downtown to the North Shore and you can probably see my house in that photo. Probably about where the two orange cranes on the dock are, above them, if you divide the constructed area into thirds, then just below the first third. (Probably making no sense at all…lol)

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  • April 14, 2015

    We lived in Vancouver when my husband was going to school and I loved going to QE park and watching the brides have their photos taken in the gardens….in those days the restaurant was called athe Quarrt House and the food was amazing as were the views. We stopped by to visit the Bloedel planatarium and have lunch at the restaurant a year ago after traipsing through Van Dusen Gardens….you live in a beautiful city!
    Your reminder to take a day off to play is a wise idea.

  • April 14, 2015

    Quarry House!!!

  • April 14, 2015

    Hey V I’m very pleased they didn’t dismantle that conservatory .. phew. Love your pics! I’m still trying to work out where you house is LOL …

  • daryledelstein

    April 15, 2015

    this is a lovely place … sort of like a cross between NYC’s Botanical Gardens and the Tropical Bird House in the Central Park Zoo …

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