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weeds, women, wildflowers

Do you like Heracleum? (Ok, wild parsnip, cartwheel flower, cow parsley, hogweed.) Of course you do. How can you not when they are so majestically beautiful.

This season has been very rainy and gray. The Heracleum are glowing against the greenness of it all. They remind me of women.
Strange you say?
Hear me out.

They are white and blush pink, they are lacy and delicate.
They feed and host all manner of creatures.

They don’t bend in the wind, they don’t break by hand, their roots are deep, they don’t pull out.
They are strong and elegant.

Today the wind whipped up, thunder and lighting, torrential downpour – they are still standing tall.

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  • July 11, 2012

    Adored this post – it helped too; forgot a lot of names, or didn’t know them in the 1st place – flowers, tree leaves, stuff like that; oh the woes of a writer who doesn’t know the names of things. Once a friend sent me a girlscout book about nature. Best to you

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