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After a week of rest…loving life!

I’m back and out and about and over the Bride of the Mummy stage.
Actually, truth be told, it hasn’t been a completely restful staying at home in bed week, and part of that was this nonsense with Morgan and her leg, but both of us are feeling better now.

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Oh, I just remembered, I didn’t mention it on my blog but it was all over my FB, Morgie came in a couple days ago…well, she didn’t actually come in because she couldn’t get herself up the stairs to the patio…and this facilitated an emergency trip to the vet, a small fortune in vet fees, and the certain proof via x-rays that she didn’t break, crack or sprain anything, doesn’t have arthritis, doesn’t have any bite marks from a fight, and is probably just a clumsy carp and sustained a soft tissue injury. (read bruise) She still doesn’t put her weight on her hind leg, but is interested in eating her meals and watching the garden birds, so that must mean she’s better…I hope.

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So we’ve been convalescing together! But it’s all good because we had a few days of heavy rain.
Good for the general well being of the garden, but the rain did flatten the peonies and broke a couple blossom heavy rose boughs from this beautiful climbing rose.

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I left the broken stems hoping that more of the buds would open, but a couple days after the break it didn’t look like enough stem tissue was left to make that happen, so I cut them down to bring into the house.

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You know, I always wonder, why do I grow these roses? FOR ME! So why do I feel so guilty for cutting down great big boughs of them to bring into my home to enjoy?

Honestly? Do I have to wait for a natural disaster to have an excuse to bring them inside?
No, I don’t.

Don’t they look so beautiful in my red crystal vase? I brought this vase back home from Prague (home from home…lol) about 25 years ago and I love this vase so much. It’s just that absolutely perfect size for larger bouquets. All flower arrangements in it, especially white lilies…and red roses, look so spectacular.

025 copy copy

Speaking of deluge, the Canterbury bells were also flattened, so I put those in a vase too.
Oh, look at my glass. Those huge containers were a lucky thrift store find. I’m trying to do away with all plastics in my life and trying to house everything in my pantry, like flour and sugar and rice, in glass, so I’m excited about these containers.

035 copy copy

Today mom and I were out for a lunch and a walk by the sea, and the best place for that locally is West Vancouver’s Park Royal mall. Loads of shops restaurants and a few lovely kilometres of sea wall to walk on.

045 copy copy

So we had our walk and our lunch and afterwards I stopped in at Lush for a couple bath treats.

I love Lush, don’t you? The kinds of perfumes I love are single florals like jasmine, or orange blossom, or rose, which is why I’ve been in love with perfumes like Channel No 5 since forever, and I like sweet smells like coconut and vanilla. And, while my sense of smell isn’t back to 100%, I still hate the smell of patchouli, or any kinds of grassy-brassy smells so, for my bath, I chose the milky bubble bath bar, the yuzu and cocoa bubble bath bar, and the razzle dazzle bath oil.

And I was going to stay at home, I really was, but then it was Friday night and the Friday night market was calling to me.

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Oh the night market was too much fun, and I had a lovely stone baked organic pizza for supper down there, but I really didn’t do a terrific job with my nutrition today.
Part of my excuse is that I’ve been on some super strong antibiotics and pain killers which have been making me feel somewhat queasy and that feeling is quelled with heavier, greasier foods.

But it is my last day on this treatment.

Actually, if I think about it, I did do a good job because all the lovely food I ate was high quality and real food, not processed or fast food, but going out for a pub lunch with mom was probably not the best nutritional choice. But then…life, right? It’s a little like chocolate, only once in a while.


Also, I bought myself a little lemony coconuty square to take home and eat for desert.

lemon square

Speaking of good nutrition, I did buy some sweet local cherries for later.

So since today was my last day with the antibiotics, and since antibiotics play havoc with good stomach bacteria, I do now have to recover from the antibiotics with a good cleanse and a strict microbiotic diet, so no more pub lunches and lemony coconut bars.

But just for today, it was good fun.

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  • June 3, 2016

    Wonderful post 🙂 Glad you and puss are both on the up! You always make me feel so positive, you give me a boost amiga, thank you mxx

  • June 4, 2016

    I’m pleased to read you are on the mend and getting out. What I found quite strange was, we both have similar tastes in smells, that doesn’t sound quite right, lol, but I love C5 and coconut, and I hate patchouli, do you love lavender? I adore rose geranium and lavender. I’m in the Outer Hebredes this week and I think it’s amazing I can still read your blog

  • June 4, 2016

    I’m so glad you are getting better. The roses are absolutely gorgeous.

  • Pondside

    June 5, 2016

    The roses are lovely – and if not for you, then whatever for?
    Glad to read that you are feeling better. I am wondering where the Friday night market is.

  • June 5, 2016

    Hey, if you can’t pamper yourself with comfort food when you’re convalescing from surgery, when CAN you? I hope kitty feels better soon too.

  • June 7, 2016

    i do like lush aromas but their products dry my already dry skin even more … i am a dove girl .. sadly no fragrance but my skin is happier

  • June 7, 2016

    Gorgeous post V! Beautiful pics .. Oh I’m like that with flowers .. I loathe cutting them and bringing them inside. Why is that? I love that vase too .. Gorgeous .. Wish I had been at the might market with you ? As for the Lemon coconut square .. Yum! Hope you are feeling better lovely

  • June 8, 2016

    I always have to remind myself that I love flowers in my house, and that I should go outside, cut them and bring them in. I know what you mean. We can’t wait for damaging weather to bring them in!

    I hope you both are better and can continue your adventures on the coast!

  • June 9, 2016

    Hi Veronica, I hope you are 100% very soon! Your roses are breathtaking and the vases are so pretty. Would love to shop at your market and have that yummy food! Beautiful photos!

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