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What do Sylvia Plath and Steampunk have in common?

This evening I wrote a slash-your-wrists-by free verse to a prompt on Rosemary Mint.
My excuse is that the prompt was a wordle from Sylvia Plath…what did you expect? Ok, I’ll not post it here (sensitive souls read here) so if you really want to read it, go here.

This evening I linked Media Tala to a Steampunk challenge here. It also made me feel like I want to create more and more Steampunk images! Yay…go Steampunk. Steampunk! Ok, I’ll stop saying it.

All of this was Margo’s fault with her brilliant Friday Freeforall. I so have to check out more!

And I also laughed my head off at some images which came on my Facebook feed. I’ll show you:

I know…what am I like?
I laugh at the silliest jokes. Go ahead and tell me one, you’ll see.
PS. If you’re not on my FB then add me. We can send each other silly jokes.

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  • Sabra

    June 2, 2012

    Like learning more about Steampunk. I’d wondered.

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