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Where she takes a day off from heavy duty thinking and links up to some lovely people instead.

It’s been a helluva week trying to learn how to negotiate the Supreme Court system and I’m drowning in paperwork to such a degree that I haven’t had much energy to attend to my very important piece of ephemeral space here.

I made the decision not to think about law today and now, suddenly, I have lots to say!

Most of you who are my FB friends know that C’s father is dragging me to court in a huge tantrum of throwing his toys out of the pram.

But I’m not thinking about that today. Instead I’ve caught up on my lovely friends.

Isn’t it wonderful that we can open up our pc and find lovely people to visit with? Here are some you might love as much as I do.

My friend Pamela wrote the loveliest little Halloween story in two parts. I absolutely devoured part one and then couldn’t find time for part two till today. It is so charming and very worth the read.

My friend Jeannine has the greatest sense of humour and I can’t help myself. I stalk follow her Momaiku blog every day. Nothing like a teenage son pushing a mom’s buttons to bring out the inner snarky poet.

My friend Julie breathed a sigh of relief now that the American elections are over and I have to say that I agree with her. I’ve never been so deeply concerned, freaked out, frightened, involved in another country’s politics before, and I’ve never heard my 20yr old daughter talk so much about women’s rights, misogyny and oppression before.

So many of my friends have been at opposite poles it’s been painful to try to support them all. And some people have def. not been playing nice with the other kiddies. I’ve read so much vindictiveness and hatred on new media these past few days. I’m sure you have too. But I have the antidote to that! My friend Bolton Carley has started the most wonderful Blessed Turkey Project on Facebook. The idea is to post a little line or two each day to say what you are grateful for. It’s been a relief to read down the gentle posts, and a reminder that there are all these lovely people using new media; people who I have yet to meet and look forward to getting to know a little better. Come join us, you’ll probably feel good too.

My friend Celi is writing away with the rest of us NaNoWriMo crazies and it’s lovely to stop by her farmy and feel how daily life just carries on despite the ups and downs and sore pigs, skunked dogs or temperamental cows, life just keeps happening.

And a book I ordered thru Amazon arrived. One of my favorite poets, Carol Ann Duffy’s children’s book The Princess Blanket, illustrated by one of my favorite artists Catherine Hyde. It’s the most exquisitely beautiful book I’ve seen since I bought my friend Jackie Morris’ Tell Me a Dragon, The Snow Bear and The Snow Leopard last summer.

And in my post box, four letters from new friends! (Part of my good mail club) So looking forward to writing back today.

And finally my very new friend RaRaSaur, (whose name I don’t know yet), writes a clever post about blog etiquette and the battle between the ocean of opinions and the rocks standing firm against the waves. Consequently, today I am happy to be an insignificant little piece of seaweed floating on the great big ocean of life, getting gently rolled by the waves, wrapped around a rock here or there only to be set free by the next wave and carried to a new place.

Everyone needs a day like today I bet. One day to recharge, catch up, rest and breathe life back into the soul.
Think about taking one soon my gentle, pink-hearted friends.

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  • November 7, 2012

    It’s Radha, but my neices/nephews/godkids call me RaRa, so either works fine. 🙂 Your day sounds fantastic, and that little green elephant is gorgeous.

  • Catherine Llewellyn

    November 8, 2012

    superb – just what i needed to hear today xx

  • November 8, 2012

    So glad you were able to find time to get back to what you love. That photo of the coffee really resonates with me. That’s where I want to be right now. I hope your day is filled with many peaceful and fulfilling experiences.

  • November 8, 2012

    It’s definitely a cookie kind of day. 🙂

  • November 8, 2012

    Thank you so much for the lovely words, life does indeed just toddle on at the farmy or rather race on.. I am also quite shocked at the nastiness that the political shinannegans brings out in people.. really nasty. i have seen a new side of many american people and it is warlike and cruel and very.. closed for want of a better word. i am more than happy to toddle about on the farm, my animals don’t care as long as the nastiness stays off the farmy,
    Well you are just the person to make sense of the court system, you will push along for a while, shaking your head and then suddenly the benevolent monster will stand up to his full height and piggy-back you the rest of the way.. swiping the nasties out of the way for you..
    I hope you find some loveliness today.. and a few more words for your book! c

  • November 9, 2012

    Veronica, thank you so much for those links–there is just so much good out here!! People commenting on my poems take my days from growl to giddy, every day. It is a magical place. Love Momaiku, had two teenage sons, she made me laugh so hard! And the Blessed Turkey Project–always have to name those blessings. Thank you! (and good luck on your lawsuit–that is a headbanger, and heartbreaker)

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