A stop at North Arm Farm on the drive home

October 30, 2017

Stopping by North Arm Farm in Pemberton has been a tradition for near on the whole 25 years of our cabin life.
North Arm Farm began as a very small seasonal fruit and veg stand and has morphed into this lovely destination!

And can you imagine a prettier place for a farm than under Mt. Curry on these sunny Pemberton Valley meadows?

Look at this glorious, huge barn which leads out onto a picnic area.

The farm was busy with people. I think this was the last open weekend for the season and so everyone was out taking advantage of the lovely weather.

I love the giant, metal firepit where everyone was toasting marshmallows and roasting hot dogs.

Concord grapes…my favourite!

Here is the outdoor snack shop, and inside there is a small bakery/lunch counter where I always buy a few butter tarts.

And in the farm produce area, I bought a rainbow of carrots and beets, and, of course, I had to pick out a couple pumpkins to bring home.

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