Having fun painting this week

June 15, 2016

You know what it’s like when you look forward to an art challenge week from your favourite art store Opus Art Supplies, and then Monday comes… aaand….then it’s Tuesday!

Yes! That is me this week.
Miss Butterfly Brain! (“So what else is new?” you say)

So Tuesday morning I grabbed my sketchbook, (yes, you know me, it’s an early 1900 music book), and caught up.

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Monday’s prompt: FOCUS
Yeah, V! Painted a crazy secretary bird. It felt right…lol.

Tuesday’s prompt: Spice.
Painted some pepper and an Indian butterfly, (I looked it up on Wiki).

010 copy copy

Today’s prompt: Nostalgia

I thought about it for a nanosecond.

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My grandfather and I used to keep a vigil every spring to see the first swallow of the season. That was one of our special rituals I remember. I put these little guys on the In The Merry Month of May song.

008 copy copy

Now I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s prompt.

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Hello from Sunday night..with the Megababy

Here’s a beautiful update on our Megababy Asher. I had a chance to drive out to visit my son Jonathan, Chantal, and our little Ash baby. He’s now three months old. This is Butters, Jon and Chantal’s dog. He’s a puggle (pug beagle). Since…

June 12, 2016
IMG_0176 copy copy

At the Shipyards Friday night market

This Friday, the Shipyards Friday night market wasn’t as busy as usual, and probably because of the rain we had in the day, but by the evening the shore dried up pretty nicely and the sun came out. I love walking down tot he…

June 12, 2016
IMG_0116 copy copy

Patrice’s Art Challenge: Blue

Patrice’s art challenge: blue, was a fascinating study for me. Because, you see, it was my depressed mood that the blue all revolved around. So a little not so good news from my doctor, (nothing serious, and I’m probably making way too big a…

June 11, 2016
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After a week of rest…loving life!

Hi! Hi. I’m back and out and about and over the Bride of the Mummy stage. Actually, truth be told, it hasn’t been a completely restful staying at home in bed week, and part of that was this nonsense with Morgan and her leg,…

June 3, 2016
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Recovery week

So this is me this week! As a matter of fact, in my Quo Vadis I wrote: POSITIVE THOUGHTS GOLDEN LIGHT DO NOTHING REST And I wrote it across all the pages of the week. I wrote that because last Friday I had some…

May 30, 2016
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Home again, and the mango bread recipe

I’m home from a fabulous few days away. On some crazy whim/inspiration I drove 1070 km from Saturday to Tuesday and loved every minute of it. I loved my visit to my cabin, loved my visit with my darling daughter Kerstin, Adam and our…

May 26, 2016
074 copy copy

With Kerstie, Adam and our little girls; a long weekend round up

Little girls in the morning! That’s always so wonderful for me. There’s nothing like the pitter patter of little feet, and believe me, with our three it really is nothing like pitter patter. It’s more like a mini elephant stampede. Lol, but we love…

May 25, 2016
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Got out of town…to my cabin

It’s a bank holiday weekend here and I’ve been dying to get away for a few days, and I wanted to visit my daughter Kerstin, but I also wanted to spend some time at my cabin. I decided to take the very long way…

May 22, 2016