A reward for cleaning up the studio

November 25, 2015

Oh my gosh the studio does get out of hand.
The reason is that, when I start creating something, I reach for what I need, put it aside and reach for the next thing and so on, until there are brushes and inks and paints and pencils and papers everywhere. Then I just have to take a day and put everything where it belongs.

So after the place looked a little more respectable, and after I dragged the vacuum up two flights of stairs and carried it back down again, I decided to have some fun with my stamps.

IMG_7964 copy copy

I took some out and lay them on the board I do collage work on.

IMG_7956 copy copy

Then I stamped some on this big block of paper on my art desk. (I really need a new black ink pad!) Then I sketched and scribbled around them and I thought, hmm, wonder if I could layer them into a scene.

IMG_7957 copy copy

You know what I noticed? I carve the stamps with my animals facing to the left!

IMG_7958 copy copy

So I carved some simple stamps of twigs and leaves, and took out a little ink and a roller, and began composing little vignettes.

IMG_7961 copy copy

I had a lot of fun for about an hour or so, or until Miss Morgan decided it was supper time.

IMG_7952 copy copy

But first I took out a piece of black paper and some white ink, stamped myself a final little vignette, and went down to the kitchen to wash out the stamps, roller, and ink tray, and to feed those darn cats. 😀

IMG_7965 copy copy

006 copy copy

It’s been a long day so I might be rambling on

Last night some dental floss snagged on the edge of my molar. Oh brother. Today’s emergency dentist appointment confirmed my suspicions: the root canal compromised the porcelain overlay and the porcelain cracked. Oh well, that’s a whole day gone and the near future me…

November 24, 2015
013 copy copy

A winter walk along my part of the Spirit Trail

In this bright, winter’s day, I went for a walk on a local trail called The Spirit Trail. The trail is a rather long one, but this part runs along the waterfront escarpment separating the residential city from the industrial docks. This part of…

November 22, 2015
IMG_7801 copy copy

The good, the bad, and the ugly…but mostly the good

Ever have one of those Clint Eastwood days? Now this evening, you know, I have to have a little chuckle just thinking back on the day, it’s been a lovely day and all’s well. The bad is: I stripped the mantle in the living…

November 21, 2015
001 copy copy

Drawing challenge: Calm

I’ve found that in difficult times, whether personal or global, I tend to always retreat into art. And you. fellow artists, creative people, wildly imaginative, pink-hearted friends, I bet you retreat in your own way. Do your own thing to stay calm. It’s so…

November 20, 2015
026 copy copy

A full home library of books, and more books

I love books! I know what you’re thinking, who doesn’t, right? Robert and I have this running joke about who has the more books in which home library, but, even though I do 😉 we both love books and keep adding to our collections.…

November 19, 2015
IMG_7763 copy copy

A candelit power outage evening. Thanks windstorm

Yesterday the windstorm howled up some major gusts which took out power to many Lower Mainland homes. I drove home about 5pm and hit my block in complete darkness. There went supper plans. So I drove right past my house to the neighbourhood organic…

November 18, 2015
veronica roth

Announcing a new drawing challenge: calm

Hi everyone I was driving with Chloe today and we were talking about the obvious distress on everyone’s minds, and that led me to thinking about the one obvious question. How are we supposed to live in this fear based society? What power do…

November 16, 2015