Ariane’s Art Challenge: Tropics

February 18, 2017

I’m feeling a little on top of my work load and am so happy to be able to take a day to draw a little piece for our art challenge which Ariane called for this weekend. Thank you so much Ariane. 😀

The challenge is Tropic and I was looking around my home and decided there’s a tropical feel here.

The warm country plants are still inside and some orchids, like this cymbidium, are just about to bloom.

While some orchids, like this phalaenopsis have been blooming for weeks.
I like growing orchids in the house. I put them outside completely ignoring them from May to September and then take them inside and they bloom for me each year.

So you all know about my garage/studio conversion and my quick trips to thrift stores to pick up a thing or two, and, on one trip, I found this huge pot for $7 and instantly had an idea.

I decided to plant up a large tropical planter for the studio, (which has to stay in the house for now).

Here it is.
It’s planted up with a $20 majestic palm from IKEA, and four $10 plants; two peace lilies and two kangaroo ferns. (They all like the high humidity that the palm does)

I love the planter in the living room for now, but am looking forward to having this greenness in the studio.

But wait, since this is an art challenge, I decided to paint a pair of colourful European bee eaters on a 101 yr old Chopin study.

I like these little guys. They sometimes venture into the UK but are such tropical little flowers that they tend to stay further south.

Thank you so much for hosting Ariane. Please pop over to out Rose’s place for more tropical inspiration. I’ll be by to visit everyone as soon as I can. 😀

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