Art Challenge: on this Earth Day

April 21, 2017

I may not have spent a most Earth friendly and economical Earth Day.

You see, the day dawned bright and shiny, the first sunny Vancouver day in weeks, and I brought three garbage bags worth of pack rat dirty cabin sheets, blankets, sweaters and coats to wash.

And with the day so sunny, I managed to wash 7 loads and dry them all outside.

Morgan helped, of course.

There were also cabin toys to wash. I couldn’t be sure that the pack rat didn’t crawl all over them and couldn’t see our little ones holding them without a good wash. Some of these are over 25 years old and original to my children.

The rest of this glorious day I spent working.
Painting in the studio. I’ll post the progress soon.

And while the rest of the cabin gear was drying on the line and over dining room chairs…

And while my neighbours were outside getting as much sunshine as they can (before tomorrow’s rain sets in for the next week)…

I went up to the attic studio and painted my house sparrow.
I do like painting the house sparrow for Earth day.
He’s the most common bird in the world.
Like we are. Common people. All of us.

I painted him in acrylics and inks in my re-purposed Bartholomew’s Atlas of the world homemade sketchbook. This page is a mix of inks and acrylics and collage and chalks.

A great big THANK YOU to Melodye for bringing this art challenge to us.

Come celebrate Earth Day with us. Think about joining us in our art challenges. You can do it.
We believe in you. 😀

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