Hello from Sunday night

February 26, 2017

Hello from Sunday night everybody and from a very quiet house. 🙁

Yesterday, our little girls came back with balloons; much to Morgan’s annoyance, who followed the string around the house without being able to actually get the darn, floaty thing.

Zoe, Isla and Ever were tired out of their little brains and so the rare occasion came where they got to sit in front of a screen and watch My Little Pony videos at snack time.

Which then turned into Paw Patrol at supper time.

But an early night and a good sleep meant lovely Sunday energy for all of us and lovely Sunday morning play time.

My mom came over for lunch and we had left-over glazed ham and potato pancakes made from last night’s mashed potatoes. Don’t you love leftover lunches? I do.
Anyway, mom came over and got to see her great granddaughters.

Morgan decided to be part of the menagerie.

And then, because there was snow on the roads in the mountain passes and because there is school and appointments to keep tomorrow, we reluctantly said good bye to Kerstie and our girls and off they went in the warmth of the day.

And now, the house is awfully quiet.

Much to Morgan’s relief!!! She’s more mellow in her old age, but so much energy in the house gets to her.

But before Kerstie left, she emailed me some photos she took with her cell phone.

Nice memory of a lovely weekend.
Hope you’ve all had a grand weekend and are looking forward to a brilliant week.

This week is my last few days to get ready for my open studio tour. It’s going to be art, art, art all week. Stay tuned 😀

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