With Kerstie, Adam and our little girls; a long weekend round up

May 25, 2016

Little girls in the morning!
That’s always so wonderful for me.
There’s nothing like the pitter patter of little feet, and believe me, with our three it really is nothing like pitter patter. It’s more like a mini elephant stampede. Lol, but we love it.

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Soon they settle into breakfast and a some serious play with the Playdough.

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This is Mouse.

005 copy copy

This is Charley.

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Kerstie was showing me her little garden and telling me how much she loves growing a few veggies for the girls and I suggested we recover an area of grass by the side of the house for another little vegetable bed.

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So off we went to the closest garden centre for some manure and a few veggies. (One more tomato, because you can never have enough, an eggplant, two peppers, two zucchinis, and an African basil plant.

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It didn’t take long to remove the grass and clover and enrich the soil and soon we cleared a good sized area as a start to the new veggie bed. (And we saved a lovely rose there as well)

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By the time we had enough gardening, Adam came home, the little Ziglet went down for a nap and Kerstie and I decided to drive out to their property and have a hike over their land.

They just had the road put in and the road company placed this beautiful boulder at one side of the drive as a marker and future house number sign. Also, Adam is Irish, so loves having his own Blarney Stone.

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We walked up the new road to a large cleared area where their camper is for now. Right now they come to camp on their land. This will be eventually replaced with a small house, possibly a mobile home, while they rent out their current home and build their forever home on a beautiful plateau above.

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I’m so happy for them that they managed to buy this beautiful piece of land. They have 180 degree views of the lake and orchards and vineyards below them while only being about 15 minutes out of town, on 20 acres of privacy and tranquility.

031 copy copy

With wild flowers!

034 copy copy

Kerstie and I started hiking up.
My word 20 acres is a long stretch!

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And here we are. The perfect plateau for the house.

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With wildflowers!

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On the way back home we stopped by the neighbourhood winery for a bottle of wine.
This is Gray Monk Estate Winery.

060 copy copy

A seriously award winning boutique winery.

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Kerstie and I stood out on their patio looking out over their land, (also 20 acres, almost next door), and imagined how her future home and gardens would look like. 😀 And, while she may not plant a field of vines, lavender at the entrance and spilling down the slopes is a definite possibility.

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We got back home to a wonderful surprise. Adam baked a beautiful loaf of mango bread.

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Fortified with a slice of hot, buttery, and sweet mango bread, we started supper.

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And after supper, and after we put the children to bed and I read them several bedtime stories, we got into our comfies, turned on the original Ghostbusters movie, and played a game of Jenga.

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We played that game to the finish. To a standstill. We played till absolutely no more blocks could be be moved.


And we stayed up way too late into the night catching up.

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