Hello from Sunday night

September 25, 2016

Hello form my Sunday night everyone.
I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend.
It’s been raining quite a bit round here. So much so that the Friday night market was a bit of a wash out and I gave it a miss. I was sorry about that because the market comes to a close at the end of the month, and although it’s been going all summer, I haven’t been here to enjoy it. Still one more market next Friday.


In other news, I’ve been so happy to get back to painting and creativity with Ariane’s last drawing challenge. Unrelated, my friend Dalyce gave me a 1909 children’s story book with the most amazing paper. Thick and soft like the finest watercolour paper…although I’m very sure it isn’t acid free and will need conservation…but it’s been a treat to paint on.


There was a story in the book titled Good Fairies About, and that felt like mushrooms and autumnal magic.
First I painted some toadstools, (amanitas), then some shaggy manes, (Coprinus comatus), and today I felt like painting some boletus.


Here they are all three (story only had three pages). I took this photo in the evening light so not too terrific, but I hope you can get the idea.


In other completely unrelated news, I joined the yoga challenge at my yoga studio. That means for the month of October I challenge myself to a class/day. And the challenge rules are if I miss a day I have to take two classes on the next day to catch up! (gulp) We shall see.

But I thought that as long as I’m at it, October can be my month of super health and wellness. Shall I blog about it and all the steps I’m taking?


Morgan has been with me in the studio these days. One minute she’s meowing for attention, and the next minute she’s on the roof and looking down at me thru my skylight.

watercolour painting of sandpipers

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Cygnets in the Thames river Oxfordshire

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Veronica Roth studio

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Blenheim Palace

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August 25, 2016