Hello from Sunday night

November 29, 2015

Hello from Sunday night everyone.
Lately I’ve got out of the habit of writing my hello from Sunday night posts, and I began to miss them. For me, it’s really nice to take a little time on Sunday evening to reflect on my weekend and share with you.

IMG_7980 copy copy

I really do love writing this blog and posting some beautiful photos. It’s mostly something I look forward to very much. At the beginning of November, when I signed up for the NaBloPoMo Nanopoblano 😀 I wondered if I might find the daily blog posts a bit of a chore, but I didn’t. Mostly I found them easy and natural, like a 30 minute wrap-up of my day, like an on-line journal.

IMG_7978 copy copy

I wonder if I want to keep up the daily posts. What do you think guys? Is it a bit much?

IMG_7983 copy copy

Anyway, as you can see from these photos, it’s been another stellar day here. Clover and I went for a walk down at the docks, which are just nine blocks from my house.


We didn’t go very far today or spend too long, because my son Jonathan and his beautiful girl Chantal came for a late lunch. Chloe and Bryson are planning their trip to Japan in a couple months and, since Jonathan’s lived there for some time, they wanted to talk to him about everything they could to prepare.

IMG_7955 copy copy

When Clove first planned a lunch with Jon, she was going to meet him somewhere, maybe downtown, and have her brother to herself, but I said to invite them home. Clove was a bit worried that Chantal and I might feel a little left out of the conversation, but not us! My daughter in law and I went upstairs into the studio and had a lovely catch up. She carved a little stamp for her Christmas gift tags while I worked on my lino cut. Ha, we know how to amuse ourselves, thank you very much. 😀

IMG_8096 copy copy

Later in the evening I inked up the linocut and pulled a print to see what I got.

IMG_8100 copy copy

I must admit that it’s not my favourite print. Actually, I don’t really like it. I do like the trees and how I realised them, but I’m not keen on the field or the rabbits. They feel very amateurish. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

IMG_8104 copy copy

That’s the thing about learning and exploring. You win some and you lose some. And, as my late friend, artist Robert Genn used to say, “Success has to do with deliberate practice,” and “come talk to me after you’ve put in ten thousand hours.” OK, so maybe I’ve got another…oh…nine thousand hours to go. 😀


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