Round here

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It’s been a quiet sort of day round here. A little work, a little play, a walk in the rain around the hood…nothing special going on.

I suppose it’s the first day we’ve had without someone rushing around. Chloe has finished her semester now and had a big sigh of relief, and now she’s off to Bryson’s parent’s cabin for a few days rest and cats and dogs and horses.

Robert and I are trying to figure out the best way to photograph my art work without a lot of natural light and it isn’t really working so I’m going to put it off till we get a brighter day.

Yesterday I made C a new ring, a bit of a congratulations of finishing your semester prezzy. I love the way it turned out but I still have a bit of work to finish burnishing the bezel around the beach glass and black goldstone.

And, after starting all the sweet peas and ending up with about 200% more healthy seedlings than my garden can accommodate, I smartened up and bought five nasturtium seedlings…just the right amount.

What’s going on with everyone? How’s spring coming along? Has it shown up in your part of the old globe yet?

My friend John has sprouted enough cabbage seedlings for England, Diane is having to protect her porch flowers from some late frost, Michelle has made the most wonderful, cuddly, bear sweater in the world, (she’s such a talented knitter), and Joanne is brewing some wonderful natural dyes. Can’t wait to see what she does with them. Speaking of, has anyone been dyeing with onion skins lately? I remember colouring Easter eggs with them. Think I might try again this year.

Let me know what you’re all up to. :D

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Hello from Sunday night

What happens on a Sunday when you have three car/antique/rock nuts in the family?

A fantastic day out in the country. :D

Our day started out with a visit to a swap meet auto jumble sale about 100km out of town.

car show2

We found some lovely cars and trucks and some good deals on car parts and tools.

013 copy copy

Chloe, who is determined to go to Japan for a year, picked out at least three cars or trucks she wanted to buy on the spot…and then have me deal with them while she’s in Japan. Safe to say she can’t have them all it all.

car show

We almost buckled at this lovely red truck…but the pinto? LOLOL…er…NO!

016 copy copy

I came across these light covers and had a though. My new walnut dashboard for my mini has an extra hole in it and my friend Gillian, a flying instructor, suggested I put an altimeter in the hole, and that’s a fantastic idea, but if I can’t get one the right size, I was wondering if maybe I could have R install a light and reverse paint one of these glass things for some car art. How cool would that be?

036 copy copy

When we were finished with the car swap meet, we drove over to Fort Langley for some lunch. We needed to wait for about 30 minutes for a table outside so we had a mooch in the antique mall.

046 copy copy

I love that place and it takes way longer than 30 minutes to have a good look around, so we stuck to our favourite stalls only and had a through look thru those.

antuque mall

C found this sweet, little, yellow glass cup and it was extremely reasonably priced and so we bought it.

052 copy copy

Then our table was ready and I had lunch with my besties and off we drove to the rock and gem show a further 40 km down the road. We got lost once or twice, but managed to find it.

sunday best

We walked thru the exhibitions and C bought a fossilised shark’s tooth and I bought a lovely pale blue gem to set into some wonderful new design.

rock and gem

Seems we weren’t finished with the country after the full day and so we stayed for a movie.

We saw Captain America, the Winter Soldier. What an absolute load of fun silliness. We loved it! :D

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Friday random

I really have to pick up the camera more. I’ve been really lazy these days and not working on art and artistic things…as evidenced by the hopeless lack of posts.

But work in the garden for the Art in the Garden weekend is continuing. I’ve planted a sedum collection in a pot and I have dreams of a living wreath or living wall…but it’ll take time because all these sedums have been stolen divided and shared and have come from family and friends.

IMG_6380 copy

Clover is using this amazing product called Sculpey baking clay to make a weird and wild taxonomy of fairies for a Cabinet of Curiosity display for her art history of museums course. Here, with Morgan inspecting, (as usual), she’s just placing her fairies into the shadow box she’ll use for the project. That clay was super fun for her to work with and there’s a little left over. I think I might have a go.

IMG_6415 copy copy

I’ve been putting in a bit of time in the new jewellery studio. It’s working really well on the bench in the sun. The only slight drawback is that I can’t see the flame of my torch in the sunlight.

IMG_6439 copy copy

And, as with almost any new art discipline almost anyone takes up, it’s going to be hours and hours of solid practice before I get good at it.

Chloe turned 22 this week and I was determined to make her a special birthday ring. So, after about three tries, (all of which ended up in the scrap silver for lost wax molding jar), I finally succeeded!

I made her a ring with a piece of beach glass she found in Mexico.

IMG_6403 copy copy

She loves it. :D I’m so happy.

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Hello from Sunday night

Hello everyone, exciting things are happening here. :)

So much has happened this week and I have so much to tell you!

Robert and I cooked up a surprise for Clove several months ago.


R planned to be in Canada for the spring and we kept the date secret. He flew in on Wed afternoon, just when C was in a class, and I went to the airport to pick him up.

We knew that by the time we got back form the airport, C would have been home already, so I dropped R off a block away and walked in to the house, gave Chloe some flowers to put in the vase and excused myself to the washroom.

In the meantime, R walked to the door and rang the bell.

And C had to go answer the door!!! :D Oh hugs and tears and disbelief! We pulled it off! It’s so hard to pull one over on C. We had a blast. :D


I came home from Mexico to lovely good news.

My seedlings for the Art in the Garden early display are doing very well.

IMG_6382 copy copy

And I’ve been selected as one of the artists to show my work. Hooray! I’m so happy.
But now I have to get painting.

IMG_6383 copy copy

The weather has been good enough that we’ve had our first lunch alfresco.

027 copy copy

And Morgan’s been bothering the chickadees and finches in the garden. I guess I should say that they’ve been bothering her with their singing and displaying.

030 copy copy

We’ve been cleaning out the garage to ready it for a studio space of sorts, and attacked the second work bench with my stamps and pens.

I love family projects. Everyone has so many fantastic ideas.

038 copy copy
042 copy copy

I have a limited amount of stamps but they’re good stamps, and sharpies were used to write out our favourite sayings, someone found all sorts of glitter stuff, and the Bonjour fish made a reappearance in several spots.

bench work

One other thing we did this week is finally get my father’s vintage Raleigh 20 bike tuned up.
He bought this bike in the early 1970s. Anyone remember the oil crisis of 1973? Well, my father decided he could cycle to the hospital and his practice if the worst came to the worst, and still tend to his patients.

Anyway, the worst never did come to the worst and this little bike stayed in the basement untouched and unridden till mom gave it to C. She washed and polished it, R pumped up the tires, WD40′ed the chain, and adjusted the seat, and that was that.

025 copy copy

That’s one happy girl.


Speaking of happy girl…

IMG_6337 copy copy

Clove sends you this little clip. It’s of the most ridiculous porcupine, and is sure to make you happy.

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Hello from Sunday night


157 copy


032 copy

They say that if you see the green flash just at the moment of sunset, you cannot be deceived in matters of the heart. So I’ve watched each sunset here, photographing the last moment, till the last evening of our vacation, when conditions were just right for me to be able to bring it to you.

So now, with digital photography, we can all see the green flash and all understand and be true judges of character, and possibly live happily ever after.

(I knew I was good for something…lol.) :D

So get ready, because it’s going…

148 copy


IMG_2648 copy

IMG_2653 copy

gone. :D

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Our last full day of vacation

Another perfectly wonderful day in paradise.

The day dawned bright and sunny and warm.

074 copy

We splashed around with the aqua-cise group..

102 copy

…and did a little bird watching.

083 copy

We did a little painting…

115 copy copy

…and took a taxi into town.

Where we walked up and down all the streets,


Noticed all the people,


Looked at all the buildings…inside and out,


Saw some probably once in a lifetime things…like prom queens getting into the bed of a pickup truck :D


Made some new friends,


And came back to the resort for a Caribbean fiesta party.

IMG_2646 copy

One more sleep, one more fabulous day, and tomorrow evening we fly home.

IMG_2688 copy

Patrice’s wonderful drawing challenge, water

This morning I sat in the cool light contemplating the ocean and Patrice’s drawing challenge.

056 copy copy

For some reason I had yesterdays sand sculptures on my mind; especially this lovely iguana which was claimed by a pelican. I wondered if the sea came up in the night and the water claimed the sand back as its own.

009 copy copy

This afternoon I used the resort’s acrylics to draw myself the sea.

114 copy copy

And then I walked down the beach and offered the sea a bit of art. Ephemeral as it is, it will be washed away by the water and the only thing left will be a memory. :)

073 copy copy

When you have a chance, click on Patrice’s link and visit some of the other wonderful artists. :D

No point saying TGIF right about now

I love to check in with everyone in the morning. Usually I get the rounds in my email inbox and just click on everyone and see what you’re up to. If I can’t subscribe by email, then it takes me forever to click around, so I love the email option.
Where was I going with this?
Oh yeah. Daryl wrote TGIF on her post this morning and it got me thinking that I didn’t really care if it is Friday or not…except that there are only two days of my vacation left, but apart form that, life is pretty much just lovely here in the sun.

And isn’t that the point of vacations? Complete freedom from the work week.

155 copy copy

Speaking of freedom, Chloe wore her freedom dress today. She calls it that because under the dress size on the label it says “freedom”.

So I watched her float around in this lovely hand-painted dress and all the little children were looking at her and thinking, “she’s an angel!”. (Some of the teen boys were actually thinking that too…lol)

freedom dress

She also re-chained my bracelet with the beads the sea didn’t want and some new ones. I love my new bracelet.

180 copy copy

Today we felt really tired, but it’s probably the sun.
I did the beach yoga class in the morning and wasn’t really feeling the aqua-cise afternoon class.

140 copy copy

Do we really look that silly splashing around to LMFAO’s I’m Sexy and I Know It! Lol :D


Down on the beach the peddlers are trying it on with absolutely everyone.

138 copy copy

And then, after a while, they run out of people to tempt and take a break. (big relief)

240 copy copy

C found a friend. The wildlife rescue society came round with a young female banana boa offering photos for a 50 pesos donation. We happily donated and C tried the boa on for size. She loved every minute of it. She positively beamed as she felt the snake contract muscles in her powerful little body. (No, we’re not keeping her!)

C and boa

Later on in the day we met up with Fernando the craft expert and some resort friends, including the two beautiful poppets, Alexandra and Adeline, for a little crepe paper flower making.

Did we stop at flowers? I don’t think so. Pretty soon there were butterflies as well.

227 copy copy

229 copy copy

Too much wonderful randomness happening here

Oh my gosh, I could go on and on and on…and for those of you who know me well, thank you for not tapping your toes and crossing your arms and rolling your eyes. I know these days have been a little post heavy, but if you only know how much I have to say and how much I restrain myself!!! :D

Let me just say though, that the light quality is astounding here. It practically takes my breath away every second. As I look around I feel myself automatically reaching for my camera. It’s breaking my heart…in a good way.

light quality

I bought a piece of art. Not this one…although I really want this one too…but a similar one which C and I picked out together to remind us of our holiday. This is the second piece of art I bought from this artist; the first piece was one Robert and I chose together. It’s called Romeo and Julietta and it hangs in our Vancouver bedroom. The artist’s name is Xaime Ximenez and he doesn’t have the use of his hands. He paints with the paintbrushes in his mouth. I’m humbled by his work.

069 copy copy

In the morning, I pretend to want to go for a walk on the beach but it’s only to the neighbouring resort so I can nick a blossom from their hedge to paint in my travelling sketchbook, and then I wear it in my hair…and when it’s almost gone at the end of the day, I press it into my book.


Speaking of books, there’s a little library of silly books left by holidayers for anyone who wants one, and in it was this Danielle Steel as fifth Musketeer novel. Makes me think of the sorts of surprises I can leave in a novel for the next holidayers… it. :D

124 copy copy

C ran out of energy at about 7pm today, we missed having supper for the sunset. I know we were pushing it and I bough her a snickers bar because she turned into such a Joan Collins. No…actually she was more Betty White.

083 copy copy

Later, back at the resort post supper, she showed me a most excellent snickers commercial:

I know, right?…lol :D

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The sun sets on our fourth day of vacation

My what full and fantastic days we’re having!

I joined Fernando this morning for beach yoga and had the most wonderful stretch, even if not my calibre of Vinyasa yoga. It’s so worth it for that morning stretch, isn’t it?

Then Fernando invited me to come back for some painting. Of course I jumped at the chance to paint…are you kidding me? Dragged Chloe along too because I love her unique style.

011 copy copy

Fernando showed a canvas he made previously and asked us to copy it. He passed around a gessoed canvas on a bit of cardboard and we all set to with acrylics.

Resort life is just lovely. One gets sort of stuck with a bunch of holidayers and sooner or later you’re bound to say hello.

014 copy copy

So we all dutifully painted a blue sky and some bright buildings and the wall and the church.

017 copy copy

We painted a cobblestone road and rooftops and flowers and the sea. Then I made everyone sign theirs…artist…so sue me! :D

018 copy copy

Chloe and I finished up ours with a few birds and C even put in a couple of sailboats. Don’t you love C’s free spirit style? I love it to smithereens. I’m so keeping both these paintings and framing them together; a most wonderful reminder of this time…of us…here, now, in this tropical sunshine.

022 copy copy

But then, do you know what Fernando did? He invited us back in the afternoon to string beads! Wretched man!

So back we went with the twin poppets and their mom and a couple other twenty-something girlies for some fun with beads.

024 copy copy

Fernando wowed us with this ring-bracelet design!

028 copy copy

C and I both chose sea beads…that is beads which reminded us of the ocean.
By the time C decided she had enough, her bracelet was long enough for her ankle but too long at two wraps and too short at three wraps for her wrist, so ankle it was.

036 copy copy

But you should have seen me. I was so proud of mine! I loved that bracelet. I loved the seaweed and sea foam and shells and water and spray and ancient Aztec turquoise, and every salty, briny thing I strung into it.

I lifted it up to the sea and said, “Look here ocean, I made a piece of you that I can carry with me always!”

031 copy copy

Just then the sea gave me a heart shaped rock – a true affirmation of love…and…just as I bent over to pick it up, my bracelet broke and most of the beads tumbled into the sea.

039 copy copy

And the sea claimed it as its own. Glass returning home. Tumbled in the sea. Salty hands rolling and turning, carrying and cradling, caressing and loving those beads till they are no more.

177 copy copy