It’s been a long day so I might be rambling on

November 24, 2015

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Last night some dental floss snagged on the edge of my molar. Oh brother. Today’s emergency dentist appointment confirmed my suspicions: the root canal compromised the porcelain overlay and the porcelain cracked. Oh well, that’s a whole day gone and the near future me has to spend $1500, that I really didn’t need to spend, but then, that’s life, and how lucky am I to live in this country with great medical help. I’m particularly concerned about that tooth and healing it because it’s a known fact that latent and chronic inflammation leads to wonky cellnosity, and, as you know, that’s something I really don’t want to mess with ever again.

Anyway, I’ve been really busy and running my head off trying to get things in order before I switch countries, and haven’t been taking the time I should take to reply here to all your lovely comments, and especially because I’m more concerned about getting round to your blogs and leaving comments there, rather than leaving replies here, so I tend to do that first…and run out of time.

So there are my very good and very favourite daily bloggie friends who I usually visit every morning, check in, all’s right in their world, I can go on. Then there are the people I treasure and love to visit who post three times/week, or possibly every time they feel like it…anyway, I pop round there too. Then there are the people who I meet from FB or some of the groups I belong to and think, “Hmm, I’ll just go check them out.” And sometimes they become friends too. It’s nice having friends, isn’t it?

People…you all…stay in my mind and I think of you often. And, I’ve been at this blogging business for so many years, that I know how it goes. The people who’s blogs I enjoyed last year, I might not be enjoying this year any more, and vice versa. People stop and retire their blogs, I find new people who I can visit and have a lovely time reading…and so it goes…all within my mornings, over a couple cups of tea and my toast, all between 5-9am.

Mostly if I want to catch up with my friends, I tend to subscribe to their posting via my email. (There’s a grand total of 9 blogs I subscribe to via my personal email, but also some with bloglovin) To me these friendships matter. They do. I see some people as true friends. I’ve invested time getting to know them, getting to know their families, their lives, and I look forward to the day we might meet in person.

I am getting somewhere…lol…I promise.

Anyway, one such friend, Barb, whose blog I subscribe to, has been having a tough time of it. She beat the wonky cellnosity a few years ago and it came back in a different and more virulent form. She has been updating her blog as she could, as she had the energy while dealing with the fallout from the drug cocktail that is chemo. And I was thinking about her yesterday, wondering how she’s doing. This morning a new blog post email came to my inbox. But it wasn’t from Barb. It was from her husband, saying that Barb succumbed to that horrible disease on Sunday. Here are some of the things he wrote:

“Those that did correspond with her please know you helped her with her fight and added to the pleasure she received as she [was] writing her stories.

To all of you thank you.

As this will be the final post I ask that no-one reply to this as I will not be monitoring any reply to have it posted. So rather than reply please simply send out a thought or prayer on Barb’s behalf and that will serve a better purpose than a typed message.

God Bless her and keep her safe.”

So here I am, agnostic/atheist me, ready to offer a little prayer to any of the gods out there listening, “Godspeed Barb. I’m happy to know I made your life a little better. You made mine a little better too.”

And the last thing I want to say…because you’re probably all rolling your eyes at the screen muttering, “god does that girl ever go on!”, is that, even though I don’t always have the time to reply, (I wish I did have more time), the tracker tells me that today there have been 326 visitors here and I want to say THANK YOU! I want to tell you that each time you visit, each time you leave me a comment, you make my day brighter, happier. I feel lucky to have you all in my life and I think about you, wonder how your day is going, look forward to popping in on FB or on your blogs and catching up, and I consider you my friend. And if you’ve stuck with me this far, then you’re a true friend…lol… and now I will end this ridiculous, rambling blog post with Barb’s signature saying:

Remember to be well.

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