Hello from Sunday night, and Happy Mother’s Day to all who nurture and love

May 14, 2017

Hello from Sunday night everyone. I hope everyone had a lovely day, and all the caregivers and nurturers and all those who are in a position to love another, I hope you all had a wonderful day.
For us, it was a beautiful Sunday.
After days and days of rain, the sun peeked out. You know, it feels like we went from winter to summer in a weekend. I’m just two weeks from the open garden Art in the Garden weekend and am thinking that perhaps there won’t be any roses this year. What an odd spring it’s been.
But today the hummingbirds were displaying, and the swallows have returned, new little goslings were everywhere, and eagles were soaring high in the sky in pairs.
Chloe and I drove out to mom’s, picked her up and headed to the old fishing village of Steveston to meet Jonathan, Chantal and our Megababy Asher for lunch and a walk.
We had lunch in our favourite fish and chip restaurant and walked the boardwalk into the old fishing village and then just sat on the pier and talked.
So there we were, four generations talking in the sunshine.
Such a beautiful day.

PS. Chloe bought me a new camera for mother’s day. It’s a little polaroid camera and we had so much fun taking photos and trying to figure it out. I’m excited to take it to Europe and be able to put some of the photos in my travel journal.

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