Hello from Sunday night

July 5, 2015

Hi everybody! I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend all across the old globe.

I’ve had the best luck today at the car boot sale. I set off from home and it immediately started to rain. By the time I got to the boot sale, there was a torrential downpour. A real cloud burst. Well, the entry people who take admittance were nowhere to be found, so I pulled right into the field and parked up. Rock star parking no less.

IMG_5996 copy copy

As soon as I parked up the clouds parted and the sun peeked out.

But the clouds were gathering again and I reckoned I had about 30 minutes, so I did a quick run around.

IMG_5998 copy copy

There was some lovely stuff…

IMG_5997 copy copy

…but mostly the reason I came here today was to get some orchard fresh and local fruits and veggies. Much better quality and much lower prices than the stores.

019 copy copy

But I couldn’t resist this lot!

Sixteen antique bottles, a vintage fish mould, a brass otter statue, a hand turned wooden bowl, a vintage oval bowl and an old bread board.

005 copy copy

I love this turned bowl. Actually, I love wood and wood grain so very much. Next weekend on this field will be the steam and tractor exhibition, where, a few years ago, I bought a beautiful hand turned cheese platter made from spalted beech. It cost about $40, but I love it. This exquisite little bowl cost me the equivalent of $2! 😀

014 copy copy

I know it’s probably a bit kitschy, but how could I resist this sweet little otter face? Honestly, if you look in the dictionary under “cute to the max” you’ll see this little guy.

And, at first I only wanted the white ink bottle, (middle), because I have a small collection and love them as vases, but when I asked the seller how much she wanted, she said, “Take the lot for a pound, me mam dug them up somewhere and, now she’s gone, they’ve been hanging around for an age.” Seriously? How lucky can I be today? 😀


I think I will use the larger ones for holding paint brushes and, I remember making a hanging flower door chain using some of these vintage, brown Bovril bottles. Maybe I’ll do that again this year but make a longer chain. 😀 Don’t you love the makers stamps? I’m going to try to look them up to determine how old these are.


Mostly our weekend was a quiet one. We had some friends drop by on Saturday and watched the Formula 1 race today. (Well, Robert’s looking at me sideways because I only watched the beginning and the end and ran out to the car boot for the middle)

001 copy copy

We were planning to go for a walk but got too lazy, so I just went out to the meadow and gathered some wild flowers to try out one of the new bottles. I think I might paint some of the wild meadow poppies this week. What do you think? Oils? I feel like painting with my oils. Hope your week ahead is a shiny and happy one. And, hey, anyone feel like calling a drawing challenge for next weekend? Shall I? 😀

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