Happy New Year and new art inspiration

January 1, 2019

Happy New Year everyone!

I arrived home a couple days ago to a very quiet house.
Too quiet, especially after the last few days!
But it was also a really good time for me to do some reflecting and make some decisions about what I would like my life to look like in 2019.

And so, with the final sunset of 2018,

I lit my candles and made a list. Came up with a plan. Well, not a plan as plans go, just a bunch of random ideas expressed as words on said list.

Then, this new year, this new morning, I began putting some of my ideas into action.

I think that I would like to keep this blog going and with greater regularity.
I also am committing to more art, more inspiration, more of and a better Instagram presence, also, more time to answer all you dear friends who leave me comments, and come visit you. Just be more around.

So, one of my ideas, more isnpiration, that was easy.
I went to the beach and wandered around.

Right now I’m loving these winter beachy colours.

And I’m also loving the way the winter storms beat up the tree bark.

I collected a bunch of beach finds and brought them home.
Then, after a few trial and Edison moments, I made some lovely monotypes with the beaten up bark.

Happy New Year dear friends. I wish you all a year of abundance, joy and treasured moments.

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