The tale of 100 bees

September 24, 2020

Hello everyone. I’d like to tell you a story.

I’ve moved from my 1924 Craftsman house in the city to a 2012 Craftsman house in the country. (more to come about that as soon as I get over the trauma of moving)

Included with my new home is a small greenhouse which is my great new love.

A few days ago a small swarm of 100 or so bees appeared by the greenhouse door.

I called a local bee keeper and said, “Hey, I have a small swarm of bees on my greenhouse!”

Beekeeper replied, “bees don’t swarm in late September.”


*looks at swarm

*looks at phone in hand

*looks at swarm

*requests second opinion.

Second bee keeper said that they do indeed swarm this late but unfortunately my little swarm, and by now I totally own every one of them and have already named each one, my little swarm will not survive.

He said that it’s too late in the season for them to begin gathering and building honeycombs and building up a population large enough that they would survive the winter.

More importantly, each bee only lives for 7-10 days so apparently they will all slowly die out.


Nature raw in tooth and claw.

So I thought I would do the best I can for my bees and I packed the greenhouse with pollen and nectar treats.

I gave them a big bouquet of sunflowers,

balanced a large strawberry pot between the boxes,

and moved in some echinacea and sedum.

Well, fingers crossed for the little swarm that shouldn’t be. For now they’re enjoying their treats as well as the spirea outside.

Good luck my little buzzing buddies.

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