In Wales, helping Catherine with her new house

January 24, 2020

Robert’s sister Catherine is in the middle of a big project.
She has bought this beautiful but derelict cottage in a rainbow valley in Walles and we’ve been visiting her to help her sort the cottage out.

The cottage had been unoccupied for several years, untouched since the owner died, and was in desperate need of heating, cleaning, repairing and updating and bringing it into the 21C.

So much has been done to it since Catherine bought it; such as washing and cleaning mould and damp off all walls and ceilings, ripping out stained carpets, taking away a wheelchair stairlift, cutting down an overgrown garden, hours of work to get the wood burner working, new boiler and refitting the central heating, and throwing away mounds and mounds of hoarded junk.

Then came the ripping out of the built-in 1970s kitchen. This was the best fun for me because it’s something I always wanted to do. Catherine’s new kitchen will be centred around her gorgeous farm table, a huge armoire, a freestanding Belfast sink, and this new cooker.

As usual, the kitchen table is the central hub of all activity.
Here is the starting point for endless cups of tea and plans for the cottage futures.

And there’s always time for a walk in this gorgeous valley.

Welsh sheep like to follow you around and then stop just a few feet away and stare you down!

Behind the cottage is the most beautiful church.

There’s nothing I like better than to explore churches and castles and other such old buildings.

This church has a couple beautiful old masters type paintings and Medieval tiles on the floor.

Then it’s back to the cottage for more work…

more views…

and endless cups of tea.

Painters have come this week and will be there painting walls, floors and ceilings for the next few weeks.
What a transformation Catherine!
I’m so proud of you.

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