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IMG_7512You ask, “Why do this art stuff?”

Well, let’s see. Do you have a feeling like you’d like to make something? Would that bring you positive energy and lift your spirits?

Do you like to play, tell stories, challenge yourself, figure stuff out, entertain and understand yourself, your feelings, open your mind to new possibilities, act on impulse, or, if you’re anything like me, get out of a depressed mood?

You know, go make something. Making stuff is just part of being human. It’s been like that for all of human history. When you draw, sing, write, decorate your home, grow a garden, make rows of glistening strawberry jam, put together puzzles, build sandcastles, squiggle little love notes on the steamy bathroom mirror after your bath, you do it because it makes you happy. Because making something makes us feel better, richer, happier. It’s a cathartic experience.

But really, there doesn’t need to be a reason. It can be beyond reason and beyond intellectual pursuit. You don’t have to understand why you like to make art any more than why you’d like to live, to breathe. You can just feel that it feels right and good, and, if it ever stops feeling right and good, then stop.

Here, thru the drop down menu, I hope you will find a sharing centre, kindred spirits, projects to try, information to contemplate and lots of fun.

All I know, all for you, all for free, all in a spirit of sharing, straight from my heart. 😀

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