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It’s been a long day so I might be rambling on

Last night some dental floss snagged on the edge of my molar. Oh brother. Today’s emergency dentist appointment confirmed my suspicions: the root canal compromised the porcelain overlay and the porcelain cracked. Oh well, that’s a whole day gone and the near future me…

November 24, 2015
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Taking comfort in words

Yesterday I was speechless. For the most part I stayed off of social media figuring that something like this cannot be categorised by hashtags or profile updates. The horror, the helplessness, and indignation are still burning in my heart. News filtered in via my…

November 15, 2015
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Trouble in paradise

The hardest lesson for me is accepting that sometimes there are things beyond my control. Sometimes there is no fix and nothing to do but wait it out. Allowing feelings to bury me deep underground for a couple of days without fighting them…letting things…

November 3, 2015
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some days

Yesterday afternoon I went to a memorial service for a family friend and, as usual, Iā€™m re-examining my life. His name was Dragan and he was a doctor, like my parents, and we have known him and his family since we came to Canada…

October 28, 2015
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Nadine’s drawing challenge: Skin

There’s a Czech saying I know. It doesn’t translate very well, but reads that, when one isn’t feeling well, one is not in her right skin. That’s been me all week. A toothache turned into an abscess, turned into 10 days of Amoxil, two…

September 19, 2015
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You win some, you lose some

Aw hell! It just wasn’t a good day to push myself. I went for a walk to run some errands and walked past some lovely street art. Both city consigned and not so city consigned, but both equally lovely. It put me in the…

June 17, 2015
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Not much going on, yet everything changes

I’ve been contemplating changing things up a little for some time now, but you know how it is, one gets complacent with a status quo and everything carries on as before. Yesterday evening, with Clover’s help, I finally decided on a new theme for…

June 4, 2015
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We all live under the same moon

Yesterday I took a walk on the beach at sunset and I thought about how intensely I miss Robert now that he’s had to return to E. Then I looked to the West, into the setting sun, and then at the rising moon, and…

January 21, 2015
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Cancer. We’ll talk about it once and never mention it again.

It’s amazing how long one can stare at the screen. The words and stoicism for this post didn’t come till now and the terror still hasn’t stopped, and, mainly, coming to the decision to publish this at all, AT ALL, has been a long…

December 19, 2014