on rivers, on Earth Day

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To me, rivers have always been extraordinary things. A bit like living creatures. I mean, take a lake. It just is. Just sparkles in the sun and gently laps at the edge and stays in place in a dip in the Earth. But a river is so different. It’s alive. It rushes and bubbles and twinkles and swirls…and tantalises with river music; you know the kind? There’s a mystery about rivers, isn’t there? I mean, does anyone ever wonder where a lake comes from? But a river is different. Perhaps it starts with a drop on some spongy wet moss, too soaked to contain that drop, which drips on and joins a few other drops from a dripping cedar bough, which forms a tiny trickle somewhere up high in a mountain, and that trickle, full of collected drips wends its way to where you stand, polishing and tumbling stones, sustaining forests, creatures, giving life. I’m always mesmerized by rivers.

I think that life flows like a river. Sometimes it is calm and twinkling, and sometimes it’s at such a torrid rush that it sweeps us off our feet.


Hello from Sunday night


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They say that if you see the green flash just at the moment of sunset, you cannot be deceived in matters of the heart. So I’ve watched each sunset here, photographing the last moment, till the last evening of our vacation, when conditions were just right for me to be able to bring it to you.

So now, with digital photography, we can all see the green flash and all understand and be true judges of character, and possibly live happily ever after.

(I knew I was good for something…lol.) :D

So get ready, because it’s going…

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gone. :D

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Spring is in the air

There’s such an immediate rush to right now. Like things can’t wait another second longer. It could be because spring has sprung and everything is flying, springing, greening, swimming, hopping and generally rushing head long into the season, or it could just be me.

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On this wonderfully perfect first day of spring we opened all the doors and windows and let the house freshen a little.

The mailman brought a sweet and most welcome letter from my pen pall Laurel. I love good mail!

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My cats are going a bit crazy. Morgan is hissing at Milo or at us if she doesn’t like something, and generally being a miserable cat form hell and Milo seems to have two settings these days: dead to the world under a blanket or running up the walls, tearing thru the house and jumping out of windows just for fun. He does this thing where he jumps out the window, runs around to the back door, runs thru the house to the open window and jumps out again. And he’ll do that over and over and over. What’s all that about?

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I got the most beautiful bouquet of flowers as a gift from some friends who came for supper. It’s so giant and so fragrant, and has roses and orchids and hyacinths and proteas and all sorts of beautiful things. I’m feeling so lucky.

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Actually, I love the flowers so much I’ve been moving them from room to room with me.

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I’m leaving in three days and so will enjoy them every second of every day before I go.

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Sharing with Nancy and looking forward to everyone’s random days. :D

Friday photo challeneges

Photo Friday for Calm and the WordPress photo challenge for Perspective. This little calm moment of Chloe’s was actually in full daylight. Thank goodness for window blinds. :D

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It’s been a helluva random week

Sorry for being a little MIA.

WordPress sent me a congratulations message this week saying that I just had a fourth year blog anniversary. Really? I can hardly believe it. I guess I’ve always taken this blog as fun, you know, no pressure. I’ve always written posts when I felt like it, incorporated lovely photos for anyone to use, visited as many people as I could, tried to make friends and be a friend, tried to be honest and inviting and approachable and friendly, and it’s been a load of fun. I also blew right past my 500th post…lol…without even noticing. I suppose I should have noticed. :D


This week the garden was toured for the possible inclusion into the Art in the Garden weekend and folks, it looks good! I think I might be in there! So I’ve now been hounding my favourite garden centre for ideas on how to make my garden the most beautiful, distinct garden out there.


The other day, Clove and I stopped at Sbux and, while we were waiting for our drinks, C looked around and whispered, “mom, no one is talking.” I looked around and sure enough, everyone was either on PCs or iPhones. No one said a word!


Later that day, I sat down to a new page in my journal and, remembering the Sbux loneliness, I decided to build a regatta where everyone is chatting, happy, loud and boisterous; even if they are in the confines of their own boats. Stay tuned… :D


C and I also drove out to mom’s a couple of times this week. It’s pretty darn cold and wet in Van and my car has lovely front seat warmers. Let me tell you, having a warm bum can really make all the difference to an annoying stop and go X city drive. So when we get to mom’s and the child has to sit in the back seat…some days I think we really need an upgrade to a model with rear seat warmers.


Today we booked a week in Mexico! Flip flops, bathing suits, summer dresses, sun! Heaven. :D


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The Friday photo challenges

Photo Friday for explore and The WordPress weekly photo challenge for abandoned.

I love exploring the country around my cabin and my friend’s cabin and finding abandoned things. No idea what this was but probably some farm or forestry machinery.

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March desk top, screensaver calendar


I thought that I wanted a new desk top, screen saver calendar and so I made one, and then I thought that everyone might like it too, so here it is in full size and, hopefully, if the widget works, it’ll stay for download on the side all March.

Help yourself, because you know my policy of what’s mine on this site is yours too. :D

Tea for Tuesday. Winter’s last Hurrah!

In one way, we are lucky here on the West Coast that we very rarely have a winter wonderland and our flowers come much sooner than anywhere else across the 49th parallel, but on the other hand, there’s all this rain!
I swear that some years it rains for most of the year.


So when the rain actually stops and the sun comes out between the clouds, no matter how brief it is, we usually find the sunniest spots to hang out in and stay there a while.

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You really can’t blame us. :D

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This morning, C’s boyfriend Bryson texted from his hill-top university to tell her it’s snowing at his campus! What?

So in honour of our winter’s last hurrah, I chose to have tea in this sweet, little Royal Standard storybook cup.

072 copy copy

I was inspired to pick it because it is the only cup I have with winter blooming flowers on it.

Don’t you love winter blooming flowers? I’m always so impatient for winter aconites and snowdrops and iris stylosa and crocuses.

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Last year I lifted hundreds of snow drops from green spaces where people have dumped their garden waste and this year they are rewarding me with a beautiful display in the shade garden.

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So I will have my tea in the sunshine while it lasts and look at my beautiful book of macro snow flake photography, by Libbrecht and Rasmussen, (how do people do such wonderful things like photographing snow flakes?), and say “good bye winter; hello spring.”

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And then we will both get back to work.

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In the sunniest rooms of the house.

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Sharing with Terri and Martha and Sandy and Bernideen, and wishing you all a swift end to winter.

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Post Valentine’s loveliness plus a new page

Today’s rain and cold is making us want to stay at home.
Hibernate. Have a bit more winter.
But we were out of fruit and so decided on a morning trip to Whole Foods.

Every time I’m there I think of how much I love to live with whole, natural, organic goods.
Do you like beeswax candles and fresh, handmade soaps? I do.

WF goodies

Some of my friends make their own candles and soap. I’ve made candles before but not soap. I’d like to try to one day.

012 copy copy

It’s lovely at home today. It’s warm and fragrant with flowers.

Yesterday I made another page in my personal journal and it was late when I finished constructing it. This afternoon I sliced up a blood orange, lit some candles and had a good look at the page.


I love these little candles. They are peony scented, made by a small Cornish company called St. Eval Candle Company. Robert gave them to me for Christmas. They are just so delicious.

025 copy copy

I’ve decided that I really love this page.
The words I found there say: “The problem was not sufficient to keep the drive down.”
To me, this represents my drive to constantly create things, to get over my problems and limitation, you know, not let anything hold me down. The words reminded me of weeds…misunderstood flowers really, plants that belong.

Weeds which are so powerful that they push thru cement and grow and flower in any condition, with any limitations. I love weeds and draw, paint, carve and sculpt them a great deal. I used some vibrant tissue rectangles, which came form a wonderful New Year’s Eve years ago, and collaged the other words away, then painted with my acrylics and inks. I’ve run out of mat medium and so used gloss medium and really love the glossy look. Proves once again that there are no mistakes, just happy accidents. :D

029 copy copy

Now I’ve made myself a cup of tea and am reading the next page. So far the words “experimental genius” have captured my attention. (By the way, this next page is the last page with writing. Not sure how I’ll construct the photo pages.)

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Experimental genius reminds me of R! This Valentine’s we are in different countries and he sent me a little video called “look what I found”. It shows all the flood water running across the field paths and I was completely ready to see some squeaky little thing paddling its head off, and, instead, there was an “I” and a heart and a “U” made from bright pebbles under that cold, running water. And his hand was red from the frozen water!

R is such a keeper! :D

Hope your weekend is lovely and tranquil and you’re all basking in the Valentine’s love, which hopefully sticks around in your heart all year.

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WordPress weekly photo challenge, treasure

It was really hard for me to chose because I tend to classify so much as “treasure” in my life, but then I came across this photo of a little test tube of fossilized seashells. This is about the only thing I have which belonged to my birth father; who I lost when I was very young. It is a little treasure in my life.

time kills copy

For the WordPress weekly photo challenge. :D