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I’m not as green as I’m cabbage looking

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Drawing challenge: Move

I was thinking a great deal about Katrin’s drawing challenge this week. The idea of movement is so wonderful. Robert, Chloe and I like to move. We like to dance, we like to swim, to skate, to drive our cars really fast. We move…

June 6, 2015
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Art in the Garden show ready!

Are you ready? Am I ready? So you all probably already know that I save plants from the bulldozer around the hood and plonk them into my garden. Sometimes they work out and look brilliantly, sometimes they sulk and look miserably for a year…

May 29, 2015

Hello from Monday night…since it’s a holiday

So I just had to wrap my head around this bank holiday weekend. Easter Monday is no longer a statutory holiday in Canada because it’s been traded for “Family Day” a floating late February holiday. Go figure. Consequently, Monday wasn’t a bank holiday. Do…

April 6, 2015
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Drawing challenge: The Key

I took a little time to think about this one. I discussed it with Robbie, who’s imagination is wilder and more wonderful than anyone I know, and he suggested a colour wheel. Then we somehow got to a bunch of colourful budgies around a…

April 3, 2015
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The Unexpected, Joke’s drawing challenge

Oh the possibilities!!! When Joke first proposed this brilliant theme for our drawing challenge I just had so many ideas that I didn’t know where to turn first. Can you imagine the art which can come from THE UNEXPECTED? Oh I can, and I…

January 30, 2015
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Toast, my drawing challenge

Welcome to my drawing challenge with Toast. I’m so very happy that so many people could come toast something this week. We artists, writers, friends and strangers are: Katrin, Barbara, Marian, Kristen, Roberto, Renee, Nadine, Patrice, Lucia, Anneke, Eric, Joke, Linda, Sabine, Tammie, Mano,…

January 16, 2015
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Cookie, Stefanie’s drawing challenge

Stefanie says “cookie is a nice word, isn’t it?” Oh it SO is! I’ve done so much of the painted cookies in the past, that I decided to do something completely different. So when is a cookie not a cookie, but still is? When…

October 9, 2014
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a day in the studio

After yesterday’s hard time with the silver I decided to paint! My studio looks like a tornado’s gone thru it! I’m almost embarrassed to show you. I really have to spend a day cleaning up in there. But today, I decided to spend several…

May 10, 2014

Friday random

I really have to pick up the camera more. I’ve been really lazy these days and not working on art and artistic things…as evidenced by the hopeless lack of posts. But work in the garden for the Art in the Garden weekend is continuing.…

April 11, 2014
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The Magnificent Frigatebird…my tropical love

There was a time when I though I wanted to be an ornithologist. Quite earnestly and sincerely. Either an ornithologist or a marine biologist, I imagined happy hours trampling thru forest and fields or wading in the ocean, scuba diving, collecting samples…But then I…

March 26, 2014