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OMG, my heart's a flutter. I finally took the plunge and published that Etsy shop I keep going on about after sitting on my writing desk and staring out of the skylight at the city for about an hour. Finally

It's been a lovely weekend round here. Our weekend actually started late Friday afternoon, when, after a seriously long day of appointments, C and I found ourselves out at the river delta in the late afternoon and decided to take

You know how things happen? You visit a friend and she's made a wonderful jointed paper doll. Then, just by coincidence, you visit a second friend and guess what? Yup! Another beautiful doll. Then you visit a third friend and, holy smokes

I say finally because I've had a couple "speedball speedy cut" medium squares for several months! Actually, the reason I carved the stamps is now that I've organised somewhat straightened up the studio, I actually found where I stashed them.

Looking back, you know, it feels like this weekend has been such a little relief from the overworked and sad week. The weather has been lovely in Vancouver and I wanted to be anywhere but home. Do you get those feelings

The truth about love is that it's a beast with sharp razor blades for teeth. It must be. How else do you explain the pain in my heart and these burning tears? Robbie was with him in the end. Robbie