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Dear magic, There is a carpet I have which came from my grandfather’s house. It’s mostly red with green and orange flowers, and looks like a kind of relic from Victorian times. This kind of carpet used to be quite common but

Dear courage, Change is in the air. I feel it. I feel it looming and circling and gathering strength. I can feel it creaking across my heart late at night. Resisting is only prolonging the frustration of the situation I’m in at the

Dear rest, It's so peaceful here. It's quiet and uncomplicated and serene. I love it. Rosy and fresh and cool. Like a good book. Like a song. A bowl of really sweet cherries. Yeah, that's it. Cherries, like cherries. Postcard: Acrylic paint, shadow play, plus a collaged copy of

Dear Intuition, The voices made me do it! Love, V Last night I had the sudden urge to read pages from a journal that I wrote 11 years ago. Aside from the questionable prose style, and the pretentious critique of Jung, and the efforts to