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Announcing a new drawing challenge: calm

Hi everyone

I was driving with Chloe today and we were talking about the obvious distress on everyone’s minds, and that led me to thinking about the one obvious question.

How are we supposed to live in this fear based society? What power do we have?

Well, we are creative beings. We have our art, our photography, our writing. We have our excellent imagination, and maybe that’s the most supportive thing we can do for now.

So, I’m announcing a new drawing challenge: calm

Come join and let’s try to spread a little calm in the world. I will try Tammie’s excellent example with a link-type plug in, but I understand WordPress is tricky. If I cannot manage the link-in, then I will add everyone in manually. So please let me know that you’re in.

As usual, I’ll post on Friday Nov 20th, and we’ll all visit and catch up over the weekend. 😀

veronica roth

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