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This is lovely!

Come with us for a sunny day in the country. 😀 Loving the autumn.…

October 5, 2015
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More progress on the studio

Well, over 40 holes in the walls, insulation all over the place, dust sheets, white plaster footprints! Yup, about as big a mess as can be. But cozier and warmer and quieter already. Now to begin the repair work. Repairing gyprock never seems like…

October 3, 2015

How to make a huge mess! Aka: The AttiCat system.

Time for a good catch up round here, but first you probably need a lovely, calm photo because the rest of this post will be rather chaotic and over-the-top messy! So here is some sunlight and a gentle breeze coming thru my bedroom curtains.…

October 1, 2015
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Plein Air art show, found while walking

The tumbleweeds may have invaded this space lately. That’s the thing about me and this blog. It’s a sort of no pressure, no worry, post when I feel like it or when I have something to say sort of space. And, while I do…

September 23, 2015
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Nadine’s drawing challenge: Skin

There’s a Czech saying I know. It doesn’t translate very well, but reads that, when one isn’t feeling well, one is not in her right skin. That’s been me all week. A toothache turned into an abscess, turned into 10 days of Amoxil, two…

September 19, 2015
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Hello from Sunday night

Hello from a the end of a fabulous weekend here. The weatherman said this might be the last lovely summer weekend, and so Robert and I got out of town. We drove to the interior of BC, to Summerland, (perfect for a summery weekend,…

September 13, 2015
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Drawing challenge: Pocket

Welcome to our drawing challenge, with this week’s theme: pocket. 😀 I’ve had this little bit of vintage metal for a while now and recently figured out what it is. It’s a pocket warmer! Seriously. 😀 It’s a little metal container stuffed full of…

September 11, 2015
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Paddle board in the afternoon

Oh how wonderful to be beside the ocean after a summer land locked. I love Oxfordshire but I also love the West Coast. This afternoon we took the paddle board out on BC’s only fjord. Calm water, warm sunshine…nothing better. 😀…

September 10, 2015
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Announcing a new drawing challenge: Pocket

Yesterday R and I went for a walk in a local park. It was so beyond beautiful and autumnal and, last week’s windstorm brought down all sorts of woodland treasures. Of course, me being me, I didn’t bring any sort of bag or purse…

September 8, 2015
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A visit to historic Stewart farm

About an hour away from home, almost at the US border, is a little farm preserved since the 1800s. It’s now run as a little museum/photo/wedding/school trip/other venue. We were driving out in that direction for a car show and I remembered taking a…

September 7, 2015