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Tracking the wilds

Afternoon walk.

The weather has warmed up slightly. It’s gone from -20 to -6 or so, so we went for a tracking walk.

We took Duke the Wonderdog and of course Ruby…who just ran on ahead scouting for what she could smell.

We rounded on the road around our friend’s ranch…

…and headed into the woods.

Ruby was wearing her Cowichan sweater but soon got it caught on a barbed wire fence so off it came.

We followed coyote tracks all the way.
At one point we saw moose tracks and possibly bear. Well, we thought it wasn’t as big a paw print as a bear should be, but we know the bears are out now and it was a BIG paw print.

We also saw a rabbit and deer, but mostly coyote.

After about 20 minutes, we came out of the woods onto the meadow.

And we looked over moose tracks paralleling Whitehorse creek by the ancient cabins.

We let the dogs investigate a coyote party involving yellow snow and apparently delicious scents…

…while we took in the glorious panorama.

On the way back, I found a bit of fur caught up in the barbed wire and thought about what that might be. Coyote? Fox? Too high for a rabbit.

In my eagerness to investigate, I stepped into thigh-high snow.

Duke laughed. Fatty human

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