The bride in the city…City Explo[it/r]ation, a WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

Terence S. Jones issued “Urban” as the WordPress challenge. Raw, unphotoshopped images of city/town life. I love his idea of City Explo[it/r]ation. Here is a snap, a click, a shutter release; an unfiltered moment when a little girl showed her balloon flower to a bride who was in the middle of her wedding photo shoot. The groom, photographer, and rest of the party smiled on. After all, it’s not every day that a little girl meets a princess in the street.

Response to Tuesday Tryouts: Summer Style

Hmmm…my friend Margo Roby says write a summer poem. Margo says write a list of all things summer and then don’t mention any of the things on the list. And don’t sound cliché.

OK here goes:

One cliché summer sunset over the Laurentiens photo…so far so good…I’m not sounding cliché, I’m looking cliché…lol.

Ok… seriously…one summer-everything-on-my-list-not-mentioned poem, actually, a very surrealistic poem.

Summer walk

if we walk by the side of the river
whose curling waves undermine the bank
if we walk among the trees
whose curling leaves mark our faces green
if we hasten through the darkness
that is full of hands with curling fingers
if we evade the whispering waves
the writhing leaves
the clutching fingers
and if the house still stands
and the door is open
and we enter unscathed
a fire will be waiting
and we shall rise like smoke
blacken the rafters
and dance on the roof like birds
fly away
and pierce the sky with our beaks

Look up, look down, look around the corner

Ready? Let’s go!

Look up

Look up…that’s the place.

Now look down,

Stop! This is the one that tells the thousand words.

Look across,

Look closer


Our own personal Banksy? Could it be? Love it!

Look across some more.
Stop! A local’s cafe…steak frittes…yummiest supper.

How to blow off a tour!

Got signed in as the +1 on mom’s anesthetic convention for a walking tour of Quebec City. Meeting at the Convention Centre 15 minutes prior to departure. Met several bored Dr’s wives waiting for the tour guide, all of them wanted to go shopping! The tour guide showed up…and we set off. One block walking to the parliament buildings and the dear old fossil stood for 20 minutes explaining the government business from under his Tilly hat. What have I got myself into?

I tried to be patient, really I did! What’s a girl to do?
I know, let’s have a look at the fountain…hmm interesting.

Look…a honey bee on the salvia, needed to follow her a little…documenting bees…very important these days.

Oh, the gateway to the old city, surely the old fossil and the shopping wives would make their way here…I’m just a bit ahead…

Ok, I’m bad, totally blew off the tour…

but look at the pretty hanging basket.

Ah, there, I needed to catch up with my postcards at the Château.

Peace at last…just me and the river.

Turned out to be a lovely Saturday morning after all. Hope the tour is having a nice time.

When I say PARTYAYYY!!! You say YEYAH!!!

Found a street party yesterday; two blocks, loads of beer, 3 live bands, 2 deejays and a naked girl being spray painted green…all at the same time…way into the night. Next morning, went to the local sbux, relics of the night before were still there.

You just had to see it. Grand Allee, Quebec City

”Bonjour Madame “

“Hilton Hotel Rue Rene Levesque sil-vous-plait“
“Qui Madame“
Putting the bags into the back of the taxi and there it is on the licence plate… “Je mais souviens”
Yes I do…

Being back in the province of Québec is something for me. Haven’t been in Quebec for the past 10 years or so. Used to spend every July in Montreal. I know, here you were thinking I’m a bit of a Euro-city mouse. Well true, but Montreal— NDG— used to be where family was for 15 years.

Oh god, I remember the drivers. Best not to look forward. That Taxi is so tailgating. What do you mean you can’t turn right on a red light? Oh, slight pause at the stop sign…I remember.