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Woke up this morning all excited. It's the day of the garden show. Some of the paintings are all lined up on my dining room table, while the big oils are stacked against the glass door. Here are some early morning

Just a few shots from round here today. :D Started the day with Milo coming for a cuddle. Made a cup of tea and drank it while exploring waves of morning sunlight on the curtains and seedpods. Morgan checking out a

I have one week left before the art in the garden show. I've been waking up every morning and thinking that there's still so much time, but I'm starting to feel the pressure now. Happily, things in the garden are looking good.

Today I realised that I only have two weeks left to the art in the garden show! Yikes! So Chloe and I decided that the patio has dried out as much as it's going to and are taking advantage of these