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Luminous…a thought…and a photo on this Photo Friday

Luminous, illumination, enlightenment.

Don’t you think those are three of the most terrific words we can hold in our heart? Don’t they make you feel like you can rise above criticism, generate understanding and recover from a slap in the face? Yeah…they do.

It’s funny how very susceptible to criticism I can be. It’s not like I never criticise, and I know I’m not the perfect little enlightened, luminous being I want to see myself as. You know…this is my problem: I write the ideal script for a situation and then when that situation doesn’t follow the script I get a reality check.

Yesterday, an on-line conversation turned nasty. I apologised for having my say in it and withdrew from the convo after the first critical comment but the virtual slap in the face continued. Funny that. It stung. It stung like crazy because the kind of slap it was was a completely ad hominem attack and also because it was on-line…in MY space, my protected little happy space of friendship and camaraderie. (I know…Disney) But really, people can behave much worse from behind a wall, can’t they? Illumination!

But then a wonderful, sweet friend – someone who I cherish, messaged me and we had our own little convo and she made me feel loads and loads better. I’m grateful to her for her support. She is luminous!

And, I have to remember to stop writing these scripts…to stop trying to control situations or possibly twist them to my taste with my comments. I have to remember I can choose what I see in my on-line world and to use the hide/delete/unfriend/unfollow options more often. Enlightenment!

Photo taken in St Denys, the 13C church in our village of Northmoor. Posted for enlightenment but also for Photo Friday 🙂

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  • July 26, 2012

    I can hear you very well here. I think I weave the same type of scripts. Mm, as for trying to be another way, I don’t really believe I can change. Such a change, if possible, is sure to bring about changes in other aspects of my character/person… Imagine, those other aspects are ones I love and don’t wish to see changed.
    Just thoughts, of course. Slight tuning, if not dramatic change, is always possible and well within our reach. Yet, those invisible slaps will probably stay.
    Great photo, too.
    Best, M.

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