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What to do when stuck in traffic

What to do when stuck in traffic? You do have your camera, don’t you? And there are traffic lights.
You can curse living in the city and wonder whose idea the stupid basketball key chain was. Or you can take out your camera and….

Take a photo at the first red light!

Ooo, skate-boarder and bike guy, cool!

Have a sun roof? Open it. Wow, wouldn’t want to be the work men up there! How do they do that?

Do those water spouts actually work?

Oooo, got to check out that store!

What’s this? A secret balcony?

Coolest shadows!

I was told to never take photos into the sun…whatever!!!

Things are so first to bloom between the buildings. Lovely treatie, white blossoms.

Damn, traffic is moving, got to go. (Just want to say that all these pics were taken with a tiny Sony Cyber-shot (which nobody could even see) when no-one was looking!)

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