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When in doubt, skate it out

I knew it would happen!
I knew if I came to the Cariboo I better drive around with skates in the car because eventually, I’ll come to a frozen, snow-free lake.

And then it happened.
Driving past Williams Lake I noticed people walking and skating around.
So I found the right street to the city park and parked up and laced my skates up.

And then I jumped tenderly skated right in!

So it took me a while to adjust to the wobbliness and the melt, freeze, melt patches of lake ice, but once I decided I’d just have to bulldoze skate over the frozen waves at a good speed, it was the most amazing thing in the world.

Cracks and all.

I took a good hour around that lake. I skated to the middle, I skated back and forth along the shore, I skated over thin ice and thick. Over cracks and thru slush.
It was the best, most glorious feeling.
My advice is to skate every day!

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